Worldwide travel warning only applies until the end of September

Small glimmer of hope for the travel industry: The federal government is again introducing travel warnings for individual countries instead of the general warning for 160 countries. From the point of view of the industry, however, this is nothing more than a first “tentative” step.

The blanket travel warning for almost all 160 countries outside the EU and the Schengen area will end on September 30th. According to a decision by the Federal Cabinet, there should be assessments tailored to the situation in the individual states. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said on Wednesday that there will be little change in the ability to travel. The Tui example shows how hard the corona crisis hits the industry.

The world’s largest travel company cleared the way on Wednesday for further government aid worth billions to bridge the corona-related business slump. To survive the crisis, Tui has now secured government aid amounting to three billion euros.

A loan of 1.8 billion euros granted in April by the state development bank KfW is to be increased by 1.05 billion euros. In addition, 150 million euros are to go to Tui via a convertible bond signed by the Federal Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF). Tui is pursuing a tough austerity course with job cuts and lower investments.

There will still be travel warnings

Regarding the travel warning, an AA spokeswoman said, “From October we will return to an individual system for each country.” Travel warnings for countries with risk areas will continue to exist. These could also be lifted if, for example, there are quarantine regulations. However, in such a case, travel is strongly advised against.

The travel association DRV described the decision as “a tentative step in the right direction”. In fact, little changes for customers and the industry. “The uncertainty remains as to when it will be possible to travel again and when entrepreneurs and employees will be able to earn something for a living again,” said DRV President Norbert Fiebig.

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