What does an Aruba vacation cost? Travel tips and a breakdown of costs

We have made your mouth a little watery in the last few weeks with our reports about Aruba and the many pictures of the dream beaches on the small Caribbean island, we admit that. Guilty as charged. The fact is that Aruba is not exactly a cheap travel destination and many people immediately think of a real luxury vacation when they think of Aruba, which they can never afford anyway and immediately discard the thought of an Aruba vacation because of the costs.

MÖP! Sorry, we have to slide in between. Aruba doesn’t have to be expensive! Well, Aruba will probably no longer be a travel destination for backpackers, but you can experience one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean for a normal amount of money (we think).

When we started with BEFOREWEDIE.DE , we decided from the start that it shouldn’t just be about our travel adventures , our road trips or our weakness for dream beaches , but that we also want to talk openly about the costs of our trips. Because the question of costs is definitely the one that we are asked most often – if people dare. We honestly don’t see any reasonable reason not to talk about the money. After all, that interests you and it helps immensely when planning your trip if there is empirical data that you can use as a guide.

Therefore, we would like to explain the costs of an Aruba vacation to you: What expenses should one expect? Where and how can you save money in Aruba? We would like to shed light on the darkness and provide you with a detailed breakdown of our expenses and some tips for your trip to Aruba.

The Cost of an Aruba Vacation: A Detailed List of Costs

Cost of flights

It gets a little more complicated right at the beginning: Anyone who has ever looked for flights from Germany to Aruba will know that the price for them is around € 600-800. That was too expensive for us. So we used a trick: We flew from Amsterdam to the Caribbean . You have to know that the so-called Dutch Antilles exist (or existed until 2010) in the Caribbean – a group of islands that are Dutch overseas territory. In addition to St. Maarten, this also includes the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) and these islands are basically served from Amsterdam at the prices of a domestic flight. Jackpot!

Since we only need a good 4 hours by car to Amsterdam, we used this option and did a little island hopping through the Caribbean: We flew from Amsterdam to St. Maarten, from St. Maarten to Aruba and from Aruba back to Amsterdam .

The total prices are based on 2 people.

  • Amsterdam – St.Maarten – Aruba – Amsterdam (with TUIfly NL, booked via Skyscanner * ): 996.78 euros
  • St. Maarten – Aruba (with InselAir, now insolvent): 356.48 euros
  • Baggage booked at TUIfly: 60 euros


Total price of the flights: 1413.26 euros

Now we went to Amsterdam by car and had to park it there near the airport for almost 2 weeks. You don’t believe it, but it’s super cheap! The entire area around Amsterdam Airport is full of car parks and hotels that offer long-term parking for little money. The costs of getting to Amsterdam are:

  • Parking fee for a car: 45.48 euros
  • Fuel costs for the journey: approx. 100 euros


Total price of flight costs: 1558.74 euros

BUT: That’s the total cost for St. Maarten AND Aruba, for 2 people. Since we have booked the flights except for the feeder from St Maarten to Aruba on one ticket, we divide the total costs by 2 to find the price per destination.


Total flight costs for Aruba: 779.37 euros

Airfare to Aruba per person: 389.69 euros

As you can see, a flight from Amsterdam to the Dutch Caribbean islands is still several hundred euros cheaper than from Germany, even with travel, fuel costs and parking fees.

Accommodations & Hotels in Aruba

Hotel prices in Aruba are tough. Especially at Palm Beach , the tourist center of Aruba, you can find prices beyond good and bad. This is where the big luxury hotels are located and depending on the season you can pay four digits per night (!) For a normal room. Uh … no. It’s cheaper, we thought. We had 3 different accommodations in Aruba for 7 nights . Sounds complicated, but it actually wasn’t. We are used to a completely different frequency from our road trips anyway, so we rarely spend more than one night anywhere.

In practice it looked like this: On the first evening we arrived very late and therefore took the cheapest  AirBnB in Aruba * that we could find. The next day we moved to the Renaissance Hotel * because that was the prerequisite for going to the famous Flamingo Beach in Aruba (which, embarrassingly, was the real reason for our trip to Aruba for YOLO reasons). We spent the other 4 nights in a self-catering apartment that couldn’t have been better (look at the pictures, a super modern, large apartment!).

  • 1 night AirBnB: 43 euros
  • 2 nights Renaissance Hotel: 437.23 euros – view hotel here *
  • 4 nights apartment: 220.55 euros – view apartment here *


Total cost of accommodations in Aruba: 700.78 euros

Cost of accommodation in Aruba per person: 350.39 euros

We have to mention that the lovely apartment in the pictures was an upgrade. We had actually booked an uglier one for 55 euros a night. The apartment in which we ultimately lived and which you can see in the pictures would have cost around 75 euros / night.

Aruba Renaissance Hotel

Car rental in Aruba

There is not much potential for savings in rental cars in Aruba, unfortunately they are quite expensive. We looked for bicycles or a scooter rental relatively extensively in advance because we wanted a car for a max. We found the 30km long island a bit exaggerated for the entire period, but we didn’t find an alternative. Aruba is very much influenced by American tourism and Americans drive a car. The Dutch cycling culture somehow did not catch on in Aruba and a scooter would actually have been more expensive than a car.

Aruba Snuba Diving excursion

Each of us paid almost 1200 euros for a week in Aruba . For some, this is certainly not a stick-out, we are aware of that. But realistically this is probably more in the lower price range for an Aruba vacation. This is most likely due to the fact that we were off season in Aruba: The main travel time for Aruba is in the winter months, when prices explode. We were in Aruba in June, and that should have helped us.

In terms of the weather, it doesn’t matter when you travel to Aruba, there is sunshine all year round, because the island is outside the hurricane belt. The fact that the main travel season is concentrated in the winter months is simply due to the fact that Americans like to take their entire annual vacation (usually a measly 2 weeks) over Christmas and then go into the warm. During these 2 weeks, the entire holiday budget of the year is cut out, which in turn explains the hotel prices, which for us Europeans seem absurd.

The cost of an Aruba vacation could be reduced even further by foregoing excursions and Flamingo Beach and skipping the rental car. In Aruba, the Arubus is also good for getting around as long as you want to stay in the touristy areas. The expenses for meals could also be reduced even further by consistently catering for yourself in your apartment (we didn’t do that, we had a lot of bang at Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Cinnabon… hr. We were also three times “right” ”Eat in the restaurant).

We think: We didn’t pay too much for such an extremely beautiful island in the middle of the Caribbean (Caribbean! That’s not around the corner). Aruba is not cheap, of course, but our expenses are far from expensive.

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