River travel – the waterways of our earth

Whether in Europe, Asia or South America, river trips offer you an authentic way to discover the interior of a country. You can book unforgettable trips on the river all over the world.

At Globetrotter you will find much more than the usual river cruise on the calm European waterways. Experience breathtaking landscapes in the jungle of the Amazon or the Middle Kingdom on the Mekong. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

How about, for example, an adventurous boat trip along the Murray River in southern Australia? With a nostalgic atmosphere, you can cruise past wombats, kangaroos and turtles while you make your way to spectacular gorges. Or would you prefer to explore 4000 different islands on the Mekong? The Laos lifeline offers you the opportunity to discover the region around the borders of Laos and Cambodia.

The historical route that leads you along the Nile promises unforgettable temples and tombs around Egypt. Feel like Cleopatra or Ramses while you enjoy delicious food in the on-board restaurant and embark on a journey back in time with all your senses. On the other side of our earth, the fabulous Amazon awaits you with its colorful parrots, legendary giant trees and Indian villages hidden deep in the jungle.

Special features of a river trip

River cruises differ significantly from the usual cruises on the high seas. Not only do you drive past constantly changing spectacular landscapes, but you also benefit from another advantage. You will be spared seasickness because the ship is not exposed to waves and therefore does not begin to rock.

The main focus of a river trip is less on entertainment on board and much more on exploring the country. Depending on the river trip, you will be offered exciting shore excursions, informative lectures by experts and the support of a local tour guide.

Most ships have a capacity of 30 to 250 passengers, so you can quickly get in touch with other travelers and feel comfortable in a family atmosphere.

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