Palm Beach Aruba: Between dream beach and luxury hotel hell

The Palm Beach on Aruba offers the absolute contrast to the less touristy Baby Beach on the southeast tip of the island, which we have already told you a little about. Palm Beach is THE beach in Aruba and is located in the middle of Aruba’s tourist hotspot. Basically nothing bad to say about it, because it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful beaches in Aruba. However, there is one thing that tarnishes the paradisiacal image of the dream beach a little….

Palm Beach Aruba: A Dream in Aquamarine

Like all the other wonderful beaches in Aruba, Palm Beach is located on the south side of the Caribbean island, northwest of the capital Oranjestad. With a good 3km it is the longest beach in Aruba and it is beautiful: The water is shimmering in aquamarine, the sand is soft and white. The water is relatively shallow and there is hardly any current, everything is perfect. Just wow!

Katrin on Palm Beach, Aruba

The Palm Beach and the luxury hotels

There is only one thing that at least bothered us insanely and that we do not want to hide from you: The Palm Beach is built over with hotels. And with really big hotels. Even if Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba , the tourist center of Aruba is located on Palm Beach. Numerous luxury hotels have settled here, which have simply placed themselves on the beach without any gaps, there is not even a beach promenade. Over the years, a parallel world emerged on Palm Beach, almost a place of its own consisting only of hotels, shopping malls, fast food chains and casinos. A kind of Disneyland for American tourists that actually reminded us of Las Vegas.

You may or may not like that. We think something like that has no place on such a small, fantastically beautiful island.

Luxury hotels on Palm Beach

But the child has already fallen into the well, it is as it is. The only consolation in the matter: Palm Beach is still open to the public. The big luxury hotels would actually like to have their closed private beaches here, but fortunately the Aruba government does not play along. As far as we know, only the small Boardwalk Hotel * has managed to take a small stretch of beach in the north of Palm Beach as a private beach. We sincerely hope that it will stay that way in the future and that Palm Beach will continue to be open to the public.

Incidentally, because of these huge luxury hotel complexes, Aruba has a reputation for being particularly expensive and exclusive. And yes, if you want to live on Palm Beach, you have to have a bulging wallet: the rooms here cost several hundred euros per night, even in the simplest variant. In the high season around Christmas the prices soar that you can pay a four-digit amount per night for a room. The landlord of our apartment (we lived much cheaper 😉) told us that the whole thing is even assuming such absurd proportions that the beautiful and rich of this world not only rent the suites of the hotels or entire floors in the high season, but just the whole hotel. After all, you want to have some peace and quiet. Crazy Shit.

Is the Palm Beach suitable for children?

Yes, without restriction! The large number of tourists means that Palm Beach is quite crowded compared to other beaches in Aruba . It’s great for kids, of course, as they have a bunch of other kids to play with. The water falls flat, is very calm and (as far as we have seen it) there are no stones or nasty sea urchins in the water.

Aruba Palm Beach

How can you get to Palm Beach?

This is in contrast to Baby Beach not hard at all, because the Arubus controls with the lines 10, 10A and 10B several stations at the level of Palm Beach on.

Alternatively, you can also come here by car : If you come from the south, you can park the car for free right where Palm Beach begins . In the middle it gets a bit complicated, because as I said everything from the hotels is built up like Disneyland, so that you can no longer go to the beach, unless you cross the huge hotel complexes.

By the way, north of Palm Beach it quickly becomes quieter, here you will find, for example, the beaches Boca Catalina or Arashi Beach , which are particularly suitable for snorkeling. In the south of Palm Beach you will find Eagle Beach with its famous Divi-Divi-Trees, one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole Caribbean .

Palm Beach Aruba: Excursions and Water Sports

Since Palm Beach is the secret center of Aruba, there is a huge range of all kinds of excursions and water sports. Although ‘sport’ may not be the right term because it is all clearly designed for American tourism. Sport also includes jet skiing , the banana boat and lots of boat excursions where drinking rather than snorkeling and diving is more important 😉 The largest provider of excursions (and probably the only one, we did a lot on site anyway Difficult to find another) is De Palm Tours , by the way .

At the height of the Riu Palace Hotel (which can be seen in the pictures here) is the De Palm Pier. All excursions start from here. If you want to book any excursion, you can just stop by here. However, it may be that everything is booked out spontaneously and you have to wait 1-2 days for your trip. Jet skis etc. are always available spontaneously.

De Palm Pier

Palm Beach Aruba: Our conclusion

Palm Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Aruba with its expanse, powdered sugar sand and calm turquoise blue water. Unfortunately, the luxury hotels and the many tourists associated with them ruin the idyll a bit. To find a little peace, you have to move towards the edge. However, we found it still absolutely bearable in the middle of Palm Beach, you definitely don’t lie here like the oil sardines! Surprisingly, most American tourists stay in their hotels and hang out by the hotel pool with loud music (these weird people, I don’t get it …), so that the beach remains relatively empty.

If you like a minimum of hustle and bustle and like to have a cocktail in one of the beach bars in between, then you’ve come to the right place!

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