The 10 best fear of flying tips

Do you panic and stress at the thought of an airplane? You don’t want to miss out on traveling despite your fear of flying? Then the following 10 tips for fear of flying are guaranteed to help you enjoy your future flights and discover the world completely relaxed.

1. Good time management

The first of our fear of flying tips is good time management. Even if you don’t suffer from aviophobia, when you find yourself arriving at the airport quite late, it will definitely make you nervous, right? You should therefore plan enough time for the drive to the airport. If there is a lot of traffic or if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you know that you still have enough time. Bear in mind that there can often be waiting times at the airport for check-in or security checks. If you are lucky and you don’t have to queue or wait for the journey or on site, you can stroll through the various shops at the gates in a relaxed manner. Pass the time there and maybe you will even find a little something or two,

2. Seat reservation

Knowing that you can decide for yourself where to sit on the plane is a very pleasant feeling. It is therefore particularly advisable to reserve the seat of your choice in advance. While this can come with additional costs, it is definitely worth it. Because the early reservation of a seat gives you a feeling of security.

1. Good time management

The first of our fear of flying tips is good time management. Even if you don’t suffer from aviophobia, when you find yourself arriving at the airport quite late, it will definitely make you nervous, right? You should therefore plan enough time for the drive to the airport. If there is a lot of traffic or if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you know that you still have enough time. Bear in mind that there can often be waiting times at the airport for check-in or security checks. If you are lucky and you don’t have to queue or wait for the journey or on site, you can stroll through the various shops at the gates in a relaxed manner. Pass the time there and maybe you will even find a little something or two,

2. Seat reservation

Knowing that you can decide for yourself where to sit on the plane is a very pleasant feeling. It is therefore particularly advisable to reserve the seat of your choice in advance. While this can come with additional costs, it is definitely worth it. Because the early reservation of a seat gives you a feeling of security.

Fear of flying tips

Another tip against fear of flying:

Since you feel less turbulence in the front part of the aircraft, it is particularly advisable to reserve a seat in this area. If you also suffer from a fear of space or heights, then you should choose an aisle seat. You are guaranteed more leg and movement freedom at doors and emergency exits.

3. Exchange with the crew

Inform the crew on board about your fear of flying. Since these are trained flight attendants, they know how to handle situations in an emergency. Knowing that you are in the best of hands, you can lean back and relax during your flight and enjoy the time until landing.

4. Entertainment to pass the time

Any kind of entertainment not only helps you to be distracted from your fear of flying, but also makes the time on board fly by. On long-haul flights you will usually be entertained with a varied entertainment program. You are spoiled for choice and can watch blockbusters or classic films. Not in the mood for movies? Then you can also distract yourself with different styles of music or games.

5. Read books and magazines

There is no entertainment program on your aircraft or you just don’t feel like it? No problem either. Since you planned enough time to get to the airport, you could stroll comfortably through the many shops. Perhaps you have discovered an exciting book or magazine there that you have wanted to read for a long time. Then on the plane is the perfect time for it. Otherwise, it is also advisable to take a book or magazine with you from home.

6. Music and audio books

Music is known to help you relax. Download some songs from your favorite artist onto your mobile phone or tablet and relax. Audiobooks are a good option for both long and short flights, in order to distract yourself and immerse yourself completely in another world.

7. Selected meals and drinks

Make sure you don’t get on the plane on an empty stomach. Because a feeling of hunger usually worsens the queasy feeling in the stomach. You should also avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. This only increases your nervousness. Soothing teas and fruit, on the other hand, are the perfect combination to enjoy your flight in a deeply relaxed manner.

8. Relaxation exercises

Targeted exercises can also help your overall relaxation. Try to sit up straight with both legs firmly on the floor. Pay attention to deep breaths and try to exhale long and consciously. A simple exercise that helps you relax works as follows:

As you inhale, pull your shoulders back and stay in this position for about 5 seconds. Lower your shoulders back down and slowly exhale. After a few repetitions, you will already feel improvements and be more relaxed.

9. Conversations with other passengers

Good and exciting conversations are another suitable way to distract yourself from your fear of flying. Find conversations with your seat neighbors or other passengers and exchange ideas.

10. Help from a professional

Fear of flying tips

If you would like additional professional help to combat your fear of flying, then there are different options. Fear of flying seminars and fear of flying coaching in Bern and St. Gallen-Altenrhein help you to overcome your worries and fears and to travel carefree in the future.

With our 10 best fear of flying tips, nothing stands in the way of your trip. With a few tricks and good preparation, you will be flying completely relaxed from now on. what are you waiting for? Explore the world stress-free and carefree.

Eagle Beach Aruba: This is the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean

Eagle Beach in Aruba is considered the most beautiful beach in the whole of the Caribbean and is even one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – at least according to the Tripadvisor ranking. It has received the Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Award several times over the past few years and even if we all agree that people on Tripadvisor sometimes have no idea: In this case, we agree without discussion. This dream beach is everything you could wish for. It’s shimmering white, it’s soft like butter, it’s bright blue as far as the eye can see. Eagle Beach is perfection and paradise on earth.

Eagle Beach Aruba

Eagle Beach: A dream beach straight out of a picture book

You have probably already noticed that Aruba is a real pearl in the South Caribbean and, despite its small size, has some incredibly beautiful beaches. But what distinguishes Eagle Beach, for example, from Palm Beach or Baby Beach , which we reported very enthusiastically about? Quite simple: Eagle Beach is the largest beach in Aruba with a length of around 2km and a width of around 200m. It is located northwest of the island’s capital Oranjestad and you can easily reach it by bus or car. In the southeast, Eagle Beach borders Manchebo Beach, and Palm Beach is separated by a short strip of land that does not have a sandy beach.

Due to the spaciousness and the fact that there are no hotel buildings directly on the beach, everything is perfectly distributed on Eagle Beach. Please take a look at the pictures – that comes pretty close to the idea that one has of a lonely dream beach in the Caribbean, doesn’t it? You will definitely find a secluded spot here, where you can have your peace and quiet and enjoy the crazy sight of this perfect beach.

Eagle Beach Aruba

However, this also means that there are relatively few beach bars on Eagle Beach. You will also look in vain for the annoying beach vendors common in Europe with their rudimentarily chilled Coke cans and qualitatively questionable bathing accessories, they have somehow not made it across the pond. So bring your drinks, the required daily ration of ice lollies and the fake sunglasses with you 😉 Don’t get me wrong: There is not nothing on Eagle Beach, there are individual sections of the beach where a few small Caribbean bars have settled, someone jet Rent skis or one of the low rise hotels nearby has set up a few loungers and parasols. But if you want to be fully catered for, then you are on Palm Beach better off.

Divi Divi trees and sea turtles on Eagle Beach

As the only beach in Aruba, Eagle Beach has two more aces up its sleeve: On the one hand, there are the famous Divi-Divi trees, which are probably on every single picture you ever see of Arubahave seen, are shown. They are THE symbol of the island. The trees do not only grow here, but also on other Caribbean islands and especially in South America (which is actually not a very long way, because Venezuela is only 25km from Aruba), nevertheless the Arubans somehow managed to claim them for themselves . Divi divi tree? They’re from Aruba. Born and raised. Clearly. The special thing about the Divi-Divi-Trees is that they grow with the wind and sometimes take on very curious shapes. As an average tourist you can either pose wonderfully in front of / on the trees (just lean sexy against the palm trees on the beach of El Arenal) or do nonsense with them (I chose “sexy”, as can be clearly seen).

Divi Divi Tree in Aruba

The second really cool thing about Eagle Beach: There are sea turtles here! Yes, really now! We haven’t seen any ourselves, but they really exist. The turtles have chosen Eagle Beach as their breeding ground and lay their eggs in the warm sand between March and July every year. The nests are very difficult to see as a layperson, which is why they are fenced off to protect the turtles. In this way, the babies can grow up safely in the eggs. Between May and September the babies hatch and if you are very lucky you can be there live as they make their way towards the sea through the sand (which is really not an easy undertaking, because the spectacle usually takes place at night). If you are interested in the topic, you can read here how you as a vacationer toProtection of sea turtles can help.

Sea Turtle Nest Eagle Beach

Interesting facts about Eagle Beach

For children, we would only recommend Eagle Beach with reservations, as in places you are waist-deep in the water after just a few meters.

Opinions are divided about whether you find Eagle Beach or Palm Beach in Aruba more beautiful. You should know that there is a street behind Eagle Beach. This has the advantage that you can park directly on the beach and the disadvantage that there is a street on the beach. However, the street is neither loud nor busy and the beach is so wide that you can neither see nor hear the road a few meters further down the sea. Still, it bothers a lot of people. Personally, we were far more bothered by the luxury hotels on Palm Beach and the type of vacation offered and enjoyed in this part of Aruba. That’s not our thing and we feel much, much more comfortable on a halfway lonely Caribbean beach. Sunglasses, a towel, liters of coconut water and one brought from the supermarket, the island’s own Balashi beer – this is what our paradise looks like. We found it at Eagle Beach (and onBaby Beach , on Flamingo Beach , on Arashi Beach … .ach, Aruba. You stole our heart! 🙂)

Paris travel – the city of love, art and fashion

The French capital on the Seine is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations. No wonder, because a trip to Paris trumps with an infinite number of cultural treasures, fashion, architecture and art. The beautiful and the rich are drawn here just as much as the intellectuals and the thinkers and the metropolis of France is wonderfully suitable for learning French or for enjoying fine culinary arts.

Paris for romantics

Very close to the Montmartre hill, there is an insider tip for romantics who are looking for the city of love on their Paris trip. A small oasis of calm in the middle of the lively city is the “Musée de la Vie Romantique”, which belonged to the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer in the 19th century and was a popular meeting place for French romantics at the time. The museum also has a café where you can enjoy drinks and small delicacies to match the romantic mood, as well as the silence and the twittering of birds.

Paris for romantics

Very close to the Montmartre hill, there is an insider tip for romantics who are looking for the city of love on their Paris trip. A small oasis of calm in the middle of the lively city is the “Musée de la Vie Romantique”, which belonged to the Dutch painter Ary Scheffer in the 19th century and was a popular meeting place for French romantics at the time. The museum also has a café where you can enjoy drinks and small delicacies to match the romantic mood, as well as the silence and the twittering of birds.

Shopping in the metropolis

If you like shopping, you will love Paris. One prestigious store follows the next on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Whether it’s a car, perfume, clothing or other accessories, shopping lovers are guaranteed to get their money’s worth here. And even if you don’t intend to go shopping, the streets of Paris are also wonderful for strolling.

Butte aux Cailles

Those who have had enough of the tourist sights can take a nice stroll in the authentic Paris of today in the 13th arrondissement. The Butte aux Cailles hill still has many cobblestone streets that have their very own charm. The market on Boulevard Blanqui, which takes place three times a week and gives you the opportunity to discover local foods on your Paris trip, is also particularly worth seeing.

Monet’s inspiration – Giverny

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Claude Monet on your trip to Paris, a day trip to Giverny is recommended. The small community served him as inspiration and at the same time as a place of retreat until his death. Visit the artist’s house and garden and take some new inspiration with you.

Family travel

Where are we going

A question that many young families ask themselves. On the first family trip, especially with small children, there are various aspects to consider. Can I fly with a small child and what do I have to consider, which diseases are common in the travel destination, does it need vaccinations, how safe is the country and can my child tolerate the local climate?

As the children get older, it becomes easier and yet new challenges arise. How high are the ancillary costs, what distances do you have to cover, are there attractive stop-over options to interrupt the long distance or can I travel overland? Food is also an often mentioned topic. Can the children take everything or do you have to be careful about hygiene? On-site medical care always plays a role, but is even more important when traveling with children.

Many of our consultants travel with their families and are familiar with the challenges.

Popular destinations for families are:

How do we organize our family trip?

Once you have found your destination, you need to plan the trip yourself. A few basic considerations can be derived from our own experience and that of customers that guarantee an exciting and at the same time relaxing trip for children and parents.

Plan enough time

Better to skip a stop and arrive at your destination early.

Lots of adventure time

Joint activities and time to enjoy, instead of sitting in the car all the time or rushing from one attraction to the next.

Multi-day stops on round trips

Frequent packing and unpacking takes away time to experience and affects the mind. Better to combine 2-3 nights in one place with excursions in the area.

Short, varied stages

Long distances in the car can quickly lead to boredom in children. Short distances with entertaining stopovers intensify the travel experience.

Train or ship as an alternative

Very popular and always exciting for children of all ages, trains and ships bring variety to everyday travel.

Child-friendly route suggestions

Where can you find suitable activities that match the age of the children and how can I combine these with meaningful stages in a trip? A question that our consultants will be happy to answer from their own experience.

How are we going?

Family trips don’t just have to be inpatient stays with day trips. Even with children, tours offer more flexibility and an exciting opportunity to discover more of a country – for children and adults.

With a camper or motorhome, your own four walls travel along. There is no packing and unpacking and if a stage seems too long, you simply stop at the next campground. Modern vehicles offer everything that travelers with children need. From a simple campervan to a luxury caravan.

When out and about in the rental car, the family remains flexible and independent. Excursions in the area or entire round trips combined with the comfort of guest houses and hotels. Traveling with children often means a little more luggage, which should be considered when choosing a rental car. On the way, however, it offers more freedom.

Families do not have to exclude public transport from their planning either. Depending on the experience of the parents and the age of the children, local means of transport give a deeper insight into people’s lives and the chance for personal contacts.

How do we stay overnight?

As a family, the price is not unimportant. Many hotels but also simple accommodations and campsites offer special conditions. But not all of them meet the requirements of travelers with children.

The following considerations should be taken into account when planning:

  • Are there cheaper prices for families or children’s specials
  • Can the children share a room / apartment with their parents (e.g. 2 adults + 2 children)
  • Are the rooms big enough for a stay with children?
  • Does the property have a pool or other entertainment facilities for children of the appropriate age
  • If necessary, you can take advantage of childcare
  • At camping sites, cabins are a comfortable alternative for families without having to forego the atmosphere or the special location
  • When traveling with the motorhome, you should pay attention to how spacious the vehicle is (so that you can spend time inside in bad weather), what cooking options there are, but also the insurance cover for possible damage caused by children romping around.

What are we doing?

Depending on the age and interests of the children, activities and excursions during the trip should be carefully considered. So that everyone can enjoy the time together, young and old should also get their money’s worth here. Our tips for planning:

As a general rule:

  • The day is usually very spontaneous
  • Short-term and flexible booking options for excursions are very helpful
  • The weather and mood of the family can quickly upset fixed plans and, if planned incorrectly, lead to problems

Plan according to age:

  • With younger children, the beach, nature and animals are very popular
  • The older the children are, the more intensive activities / excursions can be undertaken. Camping, hiking, jungle experiences and national parks, canoe trips or rope parks.
  • From a cultural point of view, excursions to temples or dance performances for children from a certain age are very exciting. Surfing, kayaking, biking or even diving into a larger city on a city tour. Amusement parks offer a good change from everyday travel and are great fun for almost all age groups.

Hotel tip: Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof in Meran

I am usually known for my love for exotic dream travel destinations such as the Bahamas or the Caribbean , but something happened last summer that shook my mind a little: Although I was only a little impressed, I took a trip to Lake Garda . My path led me not only to Lake Garda, but also to Venice, South Tyrol and the Dolomites . There were a few spots that I wanted to see when I was there, such as the famous Pragser Wildsee , which has probably already appeared in the Instagram feed of each of us.

And what can I say: Northern Italy and I, that was love at first sight. I didn’t see much in that short time, but I tasted so much blood that just a few months later, in the depths of winter, I went back to South Tyrol. And now I’ve done it again.

When the invitation to spend a few days in Merano at the Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof trickled into my mailbox, I didn’t think twice . A few days of good food, lots of wine and discovering new corners in South Tyrol – I’ll be there.

Vineyards in the Meraner Land

The Vinum Hotels South Tyrol

The Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof in Merano is part of the Vinum Hotels South Tyrol. It is not a hotel group, as you might think, but an association of currently 29 independent hotels throughout South Tyrol, all of which have one thing in common: the love of wine. To become a member of this association, hoteliers must meet high quality standards, for example they must be trained sommeliers. If South Tyrol has primarily meant beautiful nature, long hikes and the enjoyment of tons of cheese and South Tyrolean bacon for you, then you are certainly not wrong. But hey … they are good at wine here too!

What many do not know: There are numerous wine-growing regions in South Tyrol, mostly run by small wineries with a lot of love in family businesses. In order to bring this aspect a little more into the focus of holidaymakers who have already lost their hearts to South Tyrol, the Vinum Hotels South Tyrol were founded. The Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof is part of it – and I’ll tell you: their wine cellar lives up to its name.

5 * in the hills of Merano

With around 40,000 inhabitants, Merano is quite tranquil, but due to its location in a valley basin, it extends far into the mountain slopes. The Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof is about 15 minutes’ walk from the center, nestled in the green hills of Merano and has fantastic 5 stars. When we arrive there in the early afternoon, we are greeted more warmly with an aperitif as I have never experienced anywhere else and I feel right at home. With my Hugo (maybe it was the second * cough *) I sink into the garden chair next to the pool … you can do it, I would say 😉

The hotel consists of several buildings, each with rooms of different categories – including suites that have their own whirlpool or sauna (or both) in the room. Um … hello? <3 Even if I wasn’t lucky enough to stay in one of these suites (which was better that way, because otherwise I wouldn’t have left the room for 3 days) I felt very comfortable in my room.

Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Rooms

Wine as far as the eye can see

The Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof wouldn’t be a Vinum Hotel if it didn’t have a wine cellar that has been washed. What particularly fascinated me was not only the huge amount of special and sometimes very old wine that is stored here, but also the enthusiasm of our host and hotel owner Johannes for what he does, which was clearly noticeable during the tour of the wine cellar and the subsequent wine tasting . In the wine cellar of the Hotel Ansitz you can not only taste a few rarities or even a 10-year-old white wine (!), But also dine at a table for two, separated from other guests, in what is probably the smallest restaurant in the world. Johannes can tell you many stories here, marriage proposals at this table are almost part of the agenda.

Wine cellar Hotel Ansitz Meran

Wellness and relaxation are part of it

My favorite place in the Hotel Ansitz was different anyway, because most of the time I am actually inspired by the simple things: you give me a pool (or a lake or the sea, the main thing is water) and I am happy.

Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof pool

For these photos we actually went to the pool early in the morning, but it was never full there either. The pool area and the garden are big enough for everyone and most of the hotel guests are out and about during the day anyway, so everything is very relaxed.

In addition to the outdoor pool, the Hotel Ansitz also has an indoor pool with a super nice spa and wellness area, in which I could easily have spent a few days doing nothing. But in the wonderful summer weather I was drawn outside and unfortunately I didn’t manage to test it out during my stay.

With the old-timer Bulli into the vineyards of the Meraner Land

On the second day of our stay, we went to the vineyards of Merano and environs in the morning, and not just somehow, but with a real pastel-colored VW Bulli built in 1977. Is there anyone out there who would n’t like to drive such a cute piece? Naaa? I do not think so. And if it does: go away, you soulless person! Something is wrong with you!

VW Bulli Oldtimer Wine Tour Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof

Johannes drives to several spots in Merano and Environs with the Bulli and lots of wine in his luggage, the last stop of our little tour ends in the middle of the vineyards above Lake Kaltern. There we could not only enjoy delicious wine and South Tyrolean bacon and cheese, but also a fantastic view of the lake.

Wine in front of Lake Kaltern

Wine tour Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof Merano

As a guest of the hotel, you can book this Bulli tour through the vineyards directly with the hotel. For me personally, the ride with the light blue baby was definitely the highlight of the whole trip! To be honest, a ride in an old VW Bulli has been on my bucket list for a long time and I’m really happy that this mini dream has finally come true.

(Note to the hotel: So actually I would like to take the Bulli permanently with me. I would cherish, care for, feed and regularly take it to trips for free. A foster home for him. Does that sound like a deal? Yes ?? ? Och … mwoah …)

Explore Merano by e-bike

If you want to explore the little town of Merano during your stay , I recommend one thing that I have admittedly considered to be more of a pensioner thing: an e-bike. Yeah Merano is a pretty hilly affair and you can of course also see the city on foot or (if you are fit) with a normal bike (which is free for hotel guests) – or choose the comfortable and time-saving grandma option. You can rent an e-bike directly from the hotel and either set off on your own or join a guided tour into Merano and Environs.

E-bike rental fee: € 28 per day

EBike Meraner Land

The culinary art is the icing on the cake

What can I say … nothing to be desired here. Both breakfast and dinner at the Ansitz Plantitscherhof were fantastic. The selection at the breakfast buffet was huge (and delicious!) And, sorry I am, I didn’t manage to feed myself from top to bottom in my three days there, even though I made it up 😀 From fresh fruit to cakes , freshly prepared scrambled eggs to South Tyrolean specialties – everything you can imagine is here.

Breakfast at the Hotel Ansitz

Breakfast at the Hotel Ansitz

The dinner was also incredibly delicious. I’m usually not a big fan of menus, because in the morning I definitely don’t know what my appetite for in the evening and like to make spontaneous decisions. In the Hotel Ansitz, however, this is solved very well, because there is a super-large starter buffet and there is also enough variation in the menu. In addition, you don’t have to decide in the morning what you want to eat in the evening, but can choose your main course during dinner. And if you don’t feel like having a heavy dinner at all, you are more than well served with the starter buffet alone.

Dinner Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof

What I found pretty fancy: In a small show kitchen, a cook will prepare your chosen starter and you can watch it. I was quite fascinated by the bright green ravioli that the good man conjured up there and got myself a second serving (and maybe a third one … sorry, not sorry).

Dinner Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof

The Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof can either be booked with breakfast only or with half board, that’s up to you. The use of the pools, the wellness area and the sports offers is always included.

My conclusion on the Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof

What I realized again during my stay at the Ansitz Plantitscherhof is that a hotel stay and my personal feelings in this regard are largely defined by one thing: the warmth of the hosts. For me, aspects such as luxury, equipment, a particularly good breakfast, etc. play only a subordinate role in a hotel. If the hosts are passionate about what they do and want their guests to experience a pleasant stay, everything is right for me. For example, when I was in the Dolomites in winter, I stayed in a hotel that, objectively speaking, was neither clean nor well equipped and significantly too expensive for that. But the Italian grandpa, who ran the whole place and spoke neither a bit of English nor German,

And that’s exactly how I feel with Johannes and his family, who run the Hotel Ansitz Plantitscherhof together. I found the warmth, relaxed atmosphere and the personal touch of the hosts so pleasant that I felt very comfortable from the start and would come back anytime.

Sneak peak into what I mean: in the picture you can see Plantschi, the Plantitscherhof’s mascot. Every guest gets a paddling for free and you are welcome to take them home with you. While I was out, my paddling waited in my room – and wore my glasses after the room service was there. I don’t think that Plantschi was at work here on his own …

The room service definitely has a sense of humor 😉 And it is precisely these loving, personal and mostly very simple details that make for a great stay for me.

Staying healthy while traveling: Here’s how

Are you planning an adventure trip to Colombia, would you like to go island hopping in the Philippines or experience the wilderness of Madagascar up close? Comprehensive preparation is essential so that everything runs smoothly on your dream trip and you travel healthily. We have an overview for you with the most important tips.

Travel vaccinations

As a first step, find out whether you need additional vaccinations for the trip, whether it is possible to take prophylaxis and which high-risk diseases can occur. If you need vaccinations, it is important to find out early, because the waiting times for some vaccines are longer than for others. Vaccinations required for South Africa, for example, can be very different from vaccinations for Bali. A list of the common travel vaccinations and an overview of the most dangerous tropical diseases.

The local health system

Check out how exactly the local health system works and which contact points you can consult with your travel insurance company in an emergency. If you have not yet taken out travel insurance, we will be happy to help you choose and book the travel insurance you want.

In addition to classics such as headache pills, diarrhea medication or fever reducers, you should find out as much as possible about which medicine you absolutely need to be supplied with. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and mosquito repellent spray or cold protection cream and appropriate lip care. You can also prepare yourself at home with a vitamin / carotenoid preparation from the pharmacy / drugstore that protects your skin from the sun from the inside, in addition to sun cream. The intake should begin 2-3 weeks before sun exposure.

Tips on how to travel healthily

The biggest hurdle to a healthy stay lies in eating and drinking. The famous rule of thumb applies here: Cook it, boil it, peel it or leave it. When a dish is cooked, there is a much lower risk of hidden bacteria. Basically it is just important that you keep your eyes open and, if possible, look closely at how your food is being prepared. Street food stands are very tempting, but pose a greater risk of illness. If you still want to eat there, it is best to orient yourself by where the locals buy their food.

It is just as important to keep an eye on the choice of drinking water. In Europe it is usually safe to drink tap water. In many other places around the world, however, you should be careful with what you fill your water bottle with. If you don’t want to buy water bottles from the supermarket, you can use a water filter, for example, or boil the water beforehand. Then you are on the safe side. Also watch out for water ice and fruit juices. Both are often prepared with tap water. The same goes for salad. It is better to ask beforehand whether it has been washed off with tap water.

Support of the intestinal flora through BIOTICS-D

If you would like to actively support your body before and during the trip and want the change in food or difficult hygiene conditions at your travel destination to be as gentle as possible on your body, then you are optimally equipped with Burgerstein BIOTICS-D .

The dietary supplement contains a mixture of physiological bacterial cultures and vitamin B2 and thus supports the intestinal flora and the maintenance of the intestinal mucosa. BIOTICS-D is suitable for the whole family and does not need to be refrigerated.

What else to look out for

But even if you are not lying flat with the flu or handcuffed to the bathroom, you may experience symptoms of weakness during your trip that you should investigate. It is very important that you always make sure you get enough sleep and drink plenty of water throughout the day. This automatically makes you feel fit and energetic. If you find yourself feeling stressed and uncomfortable, take a day off. A trip means a big change for the head and body. Despite the adventure trip, you definitely deserve one or the other break. Of course, it is also very important that you wash your hands regularly to prevent infection with pathogens. Better once too much than once too little.

Our top tip:Use your trip for a digital detox and just leave your phone, tablet and co at home. So your body and mind can take a deep breath and recover from everyday stress!

Follow-up care after return – is it even necessary?

The aftercare you need after your stay abroad depends heavily on how the trip went. Usually, if you haven’t had any health complications, there are only minor considerations to consider. Especially after long-distance and adventure trips, we recommend planning one to two days after your return to give your body some rest. If you suffer from jet lag, the following principle applies: Make sure you try to keep yourself awake until you would normally go to bed in the respective country and slowly get used to the new time. This way you don’t mess up your rhythm as much as possible. You should also be careful with extreme dietary changes. For example, if you re-enter Switzerland from an Asian country,

When do you need to see a doctor in Switzerland?

If you have any health problems during your trip, it is very important to visit your family doctor directly in Switzerland and have follow-up care carried out. This is the only way to ensure that you are in top shape again and that you can get started in everyday life. Depending on whether you have visited a tropical country, you may even have to report to the tropical doctor. A comprehensive investigation will be carried out there. Malaria, for example, can still occur for up to a year after returning home. So if you have traveled to a risk region and develop a fever in the following year, malaria is still a possible pathogen.

Do you have specific questions about a travel destination or would you like more information on healthy travel? Our travel advisors will be happy to help you.

Hotel tip: Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort in Sexten

After spending three days in beautiful Merano on our road trip through South Tyrol , we set out on new adventures: off to the Dolomites ! In the middle of the Hochpustertal. Finally! Some of the most beautiful spots in the Dolomites were on the plan: we wanted to tackle the Braies Lake and finally the hike to what is probably the most beautiful lake in the Dolomites, the Lago di Sorapis (which has been on my wish list for about forever ).

Our starting point was the beautiful Bad Moos Spa Resort Hotel in Sesto , which invited us spontaneously and without much planning for two nights. In this report I would like to introduce the hotel to you in more detail.

Late night reception at the Bad Moos Hotel in the Dolomites

Since we only started in Merano in the afternoon and made a detour from there to one of THE Insta spots, the Karersee, we arrived at the Bad Moos Spa Resort very late in the evening . The reception and the hotel manager waited for us until after 11 p.m. and welcomed us with a freshly mixed elderberry drink. My first impression of the hotel: gigantic and yet rustic. Everything is made of wood, super cozy with furniture made of natural materials and how it smells … a dream! The scent of pinewood flows through the whole hotel and even though it’s midsummer, I immediately feel like I’m on a winter holiday in a lonely alpine hut. I would like to stay here forever, please.

4 * Superior in Sesto on the edge of the Three Peaks Nature Park

The next hammer comes when I am shown my room: I can live in one of the suites on the top floor for the next two days. In a suite. I mean …. come on! When entering the suite, I am actually speechless for a moment and that really doesn’t happen very often.

I don’t want to tell a lot here either, just let the pictures speak for themselves. How could you not feel comfortable here? Can I please move in and enjoy the fantastic view from the balcony of the mountain peaks of the Dolomites every morning from now on? Yes? Thank you very much.

Bad Moos Hotel room




The Hotel Bad Moos Spa Resort is located in Alta Pusteria in the village of Sexten at 1,370 meters in the middle of the Dolomites. It is only a few kilometers to the entrance of the Drei Zinnen nature park and numerous hiking and walking trails start right outside the front door. The gondola takes you up to the Rotwandwiese, which is the starting point for the most beautiful hikes in the Dolomites. In winter, the gigantic Drei Zinnen ski area opens up from there. If you don’t want to go out on your own, Bad Moos also offers regular guided hikes for its guests. You can borrow bicycles and accessories free of charge and for more strenuous tours there are e-bikes for a fee.

Bad Moos Hotel balcony view

The location of the hotel and the associated possibilities for countless outdoor experiences in the Dolomites is really extraordinary and I would come back anytime just for the view from the balcony. Sounds cheesy, but Bad Moos really made me happy <3

Culinary happy

Since we arrived so late the night before, we unfortunately missed the first dinner at the hotel. But the next cracker follows the next morning: I’ve never seen such a huge breakfast buffet as here. There is everything your heart desires, including fancy things such as goji berries. It would have probably taken me at least a week to feed myself completely through.

Breakfast in the Bad Moos Hotel

If you book half board, there is also a fantastic dinner in the form of a menu, where you simply tell your waiter your choice for dinner at breakfast in the morning. In addition, there is of course a huge starter and dessert buffet in the evening that leaves absolutely nothing to be desired. You can book the Bad Moos Spa Resort either with breakfast only or with half board.

Eating in the Bad Moos Hotel

Spa & Panorama Pool Views in Bad Moos

The heart of the hotel is without a doubt the spa and wellness area. A sauna and wellness landscape extends over a total of 2500m² (and that’s really an announcement, isn’t it?), As if from another world. And that’s not all: the hotel has its own sulfur spring from the Fischleintal, which feeds the hotel’s own thermal baths with water. Sulfur water is said to have particularly health-promoting properties; it is said to have a positive effect on the condition of the skin, digestion and the entire musculoskeletal system. So that we can find our way around better, we even got a small tour of the entire area. At first I tried to memorize the individual saunas and application areas, but after a few minutes I failed miserably. Too big, too overwhelming, too much schöööööön.

Bad Moos Hotel Wellness

Unfortunately, the pictures cannot even begin to show how huge the whole spa landscape really is. While we were taking photos there, of course many guests were out and about … and taking photos of naked people in the sauna and then publishing them on a website … you recognize the problem 😉

My personal highlight was – how could it be otherwise – the outdoor pool. Embedded in the wonderful mountain panorama of the Dolomites, it is pretty easy to endure there, especially on the bubble loungers. The pool was reopened in summer 2018 and is connected to the indoor pool, which, by the way, is not cleaned with musty chlorine, but with ozone (an oxygen component). In the outdoor area there is also a whirlpool, in which you can also bob around very well with water at 35 ° C.

Bad Moos Hotel outdoor pool

The use of the complete sauna, wellness, sports and pool area ‘Termesana’ is of course included for guests of Bad Moos, spa treatments can be booked for a fee. I found the Termesana really overwhelming and the Bad Moos more than earned the title of wellness hotel.

My conclusion on the Bad Moos Dolomites Spa Resort

I have already said it in other hotel reviews: for me, the warmth of the hosts plays a very important role in a hotel stay. No matter how luxurious and perfectly organized a hotel is, if the personal touch is missing or I am treated consistently as a guest with a certain distance, then something is missing for me. In Bad Moos everything was just right for me: starting with the super nice and warm welcome by the hotel manager Evi, almost in the middle of the night, to the nice chat with our waiter (who, by the way, also gave us really good tips for excursions) to the really exceptional spa and wellness area. For me, Bad Moos is a perfect combination of the opportunity for an outdoor and active holiday in one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world with an absolute relaxation holiday.

Asia train travel – between luxury and open-plan compartments

In this article we take you on our Asia train journeys. Imagine the following: You are standing in front of a magnificent station building. The golden yellow facade shines in the evening sun. Hectic hustle and bustle all around you. A conductor whistles loudly because the next train is about to leave. Next to you is a street food stand selling Pad Thai. And then it drives in: one of the most magnificent luxury trains in Asia – the Eastern & Oriental Express. You are on your way back to Singapore from Bangkok.

Train travel offers an adventure factor that you can hardly experience with any other form of transport. Traveling by train is an absolutely unique experience, especially in Asia. Whether with a high-speed train from Tokyo, a night train from Bangkok to Chang Mai or a line train through the Indian province – everything is offered here, from the most modern trains to adventurous routes through the jungle and over the sea.

Trans-Siberian Railway: Facts and Figures

A trip with the Trans-Siberian Railway is on the list of goals in life for many adventurers and train lovers. Not only the construction of the Trans-Siberian, as the railway is affectionately known, was absolutely legendary, but also its diverse route. After a total of 25 years full of sweat and hard work, 9288 kilometers of track have been laid and you can now travel from Russia via Mongolia to China. To do this, tunnels were blasted, bridges were built and 80,000 employees were required. The Transsib stops in a total of 990 train stations and crosses 87 cities. If you want to break out with it and pay attention to sustainability, you can even do so directly from Switzerland. For example, some of our trips take us by ship and train from Switzerland via Finland to Russia.
But it is not only the scenic diversity and the cult status of the train route that make the Trans-Siberian Railway so special. Nowhere else do you get to know so many exciting people so easily. You travel in a small space, but you also experience the most extraordinary moments together. After the train journey, you move on with a multitude of colorful stories and exciting life stories in your luggage.

Right in the middle of the market in Thailand

In Samut Songkhram, Thailand, you can even go shopping during the train ride. The Mae Klong market will be set up exactly where the train tracks run. When the train passes, the traders frantically jump out of the way to protect your goods.

Through Cambodia on bamboo poles

In Cambodia, too, you will find a very special kind of train journey: the bamboo train in Battambang. The track simply consists of two axles and a seat made of bamboo beams, but can even reach speeds of up to 40 kilometers per hour. It gets particularly exciting when two bamboo trains meet on the single-lane route. Then the rule of thumb applies: the train with fewer passengers must be dismantled.

With the Shiki-Shima through Japan

What do the train stations in Tokyo and London have in common? Not that much at first glance. However, there is one hidden detail that unites Kings Cross and Ueno Train Station. And that will especially delight the Harry Potter fans among you. Both stations have added a magical track to the station building. Only this is called 13 ½ in Tokyo and 9 ¾ in London, based on the story of JK Rowling. The train that starts its journey from the Japanese platform is fantastic in the truest sense of the word. The Shiki-Shima Train takes its exclusive guests to the most hidden corners of Japan and offers a top-class train experience. Only 34 passengers in total can travel in the grand suites. That’s why you have to apply for tickets in a kind of lottery.

Luxury train in Southeast Asia – Eastern & Oriental Express

Although the Eastern & Oriental Express is just as much a luxury train as the Shiki-Shima in Japan, it exudes a completely different charm. The magnificent interior is beautifully ornate and gives a feeling of nostalgia. The rust-red cushions are decorated with gold details, the train crew is wearing chic dark blue uniforms and oriental lamps hang in the dining car. While the train drives through wide fields, past countless palm trees, you can watch the golden-red sunset from the open window. After an exciting day, you can end your evening in the dining car. A pleasure, not just for your palate.

Culinary art on wheels – Zugessen in Asia

The way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. This also applies to the love for the most beautiful travel destinations that you visit in the course of your life. Because the culinary arts are an essential part of the culture of a country and each dish tells its own exotic story. Anyone traveling by train in Asia will always come across the most extraordinary and delicious snacks and meals on offer at the train station, in the open-plan compartment or in the dining car.

In India, you can even buy hot meals from the vendors on the train. Whether masala curry, dal or paneer, here you will try the most delicious Indian specialties. There is even chai tea to take away. But not only local food is offered on trains. On the night trains in Thailand you will be served breakfast in first class, but it looks very different than expected. For example, on the train to Chiang Mai there is a club sandwich and french fries. So if you’re homesick for western meals, you’ve come to the right place. Food also plays an important role on Chinese trains. But not because of its extraordinary dishes. No, instead in China the food brought is used to reserve seats. Instead of luggage,

River travel – the waterways of our earth

Whether in Europe, Asia or South America, river trips offer you an authentic way to discover the interior of a country. You can book unforgettable trips on the river all over the world.

At Globetrotter you will find much more than the usual river cruise on the calm European waterways. Experience breathtaking landscapes in the jungle of the Amazon or the Middle Kingdom on the Mekong. There are almost no limits to your imagination.

How about, for example, an adventurous boat trip along the Murray River in southern Australia? With a nostalgic atmosphere, you can cruise past wombats, kangaroos and turtles while you make your way to spectacular gorges. Or would you prefer to explore 4000 different islands on the Mekong? The Laos lifeline offers you the opportunity to discover the region around the borders of Laos and Cambodia.

The historical route that leads you along the Nile promises unforgettable temples and tombs around Egypt. Feel like Cleopatra or Ramses while you enjoy delicious food in the on-board restaurant and embark on a journey back in time with all your senses. On the other side of our earth, the fabulous Amazon awaits you with its colorful parrots, legendary giant trees and Indian villages hidden deep in the jungle.

Special features of a river trip

River cruises differ significantly from the usual cruises on the high seas. Not only do you drive past constantly changing spectacular landscapes, but you also benefit from another advantage. You will be spared seasickness because the ship is not exposed to waves and therefore does not begin to rock.

The main focus of a river trip is less on entertainment on board and much more on exploring the country. Depending on the river trip, you will be offered exciting shore excursions, informative lectures by experts and the support of a local tour guide.

Most ships have a capacity of 30 to 250 passengers, so you can quickly get in touch with other travelers and feel comfortable in a family atmosphere.

Cruise with children

Are you looking for a cruise for the whole family? Then you have come to the right place at Globetrotter. Children are part of our everyday life and it is the same when traveling. A cruise with children is a popular option as a family to discover the world and still somehow feel at home.

Experience countries like Spain and Norway together with your family, relax on the white beaches of the Seychelles or go for a city tour in Oslo or Barcelona. The advantage of a cruise with children is obvious. The hotel travels with you and you don’t have to worry about food or the leisure program. In addition, you save yourself the hassle of packing your suitcase when you change location every day. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose from a wide range of destinations and types of ship. Anyone who longs for all-round care and relaxation will get their money’s worth on family-themed ships with babysitters, children’s cooking, kids club and many more.

Houseboat – the «motorhome» on the water

But a trip on a houseboat through Sweden or France is also a great experience for the little ones. In private and alone as a family, you can comfortably cruise from canal to canal and can jump into the water whenever you want and enjoy the nature around you. And you don’t have to do without comfort in the boats equipped with heating, shower and refrigerator.

Children help plan

Knowing your family well is important in deciding which cruise with children is right for you. What do mom and dad want and what do the children want? Small children are usually satisfied with the presence of their parents and may have fewer demands. With older children, however, you should also pay attention to the traveler’s wishes and choose the travel destination together as a family. Then nothing stands in the way of a successful cruise with children!

On the oceans

Let yourself and your family be carried over the seas of this world with windy ease and experience impressive views and an exciting time on the ship. Children quickly become enthusiastic about ships of all kinds, which entice with many adventures and promise mysterious experiences. There is something to discover everywhere while you set sail as a family with bags and bags. This type of travel is not only suitable for Europe, but also for a trip to the Caribbean or Asia. Every child loves beaches and with the necessary openness, exotic dishes and foreign customs are no obstacle.