Bathing with flamingos: This is only possible on Flamingo Beach in Aruba

If there is one thing the small island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean is known for, it is the pictures of pink flamingos stalking across the white powdered sugar beach in the turquoise blue sea with palm trees in the background. We admit it: It was precisely these images that lured us to Aruba . We tourists. But let’s be honest: How can you please not jump on Flamingo Beach in Aruba? There are flamingos! At the beach! With touch. IN. OF THE. CARIBBEAN. Wah!

The other beaches on Aruba such as Baby Beach or the famous Eagle Beach are of course also incredibly beautiful, but flamingos on the beach – that’s a blast.

When a picture of the flamingos first appeared on my Instagram feed a few years ago, I immediately began to research with shining eyes where in the world this paradisiacal place was. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear: Shit, I can never afford that. The Caribbean , a private beach, a lonely island … that is impossible. And so I buried the dream of a flamingo beach somewhere far back in my head. Of course, I could never really forget him.

It took a couple of years and finally a degree, but in the summer of 2016 I actually fulfilled my dream! YOLO and so 😉 I naturally forced Christian to come along and also enjoy our adventure with the flamingos, so we scraped together our last pennies and flew in the tourist bomber to the pink birds in Aruba.

Rational people without hearts may argue that flamingos could have been had cheaper in the zoo. But would, would have bicycle chain – go away, you funny people! That’s not what this is about! There are flamingos, on the beach, in the Caribbean. Nuff said.

Sea view off Renaissance Island

Flamingo Beach Aruba: Private Renaissance Island

Who is still there: Aloha! 🙂 I’ll tell you where to find the flamingos in Aruba and how to get there. There is actually still a lot of uncertainty and many think that flamingos walk around every beach in Aruba . I have to disappoint you, it’s not that simple. The flamingos on Aruba can be found on exactly one beach , namely Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island .

What is this Renaissance Island now? Renaissance Island is a small private island off the coast of Aruba, which in addition to Flamingo Beach also has Iguana Beach. This private island belongs to the Renaissance Hotel Aruba * . The hotel makes the island available to its guests free of charge and takes you every 15 minutes by speedboat directly from the hotel to the dream beach on the private island. Yaaass!

Renaissance Island Flamingo Beach

Do you have to be a guest in the hotel to be able to go to the private island to Flamingo Beach?

No. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to be able to go to Renaissance Island and hang out on the beach with the flamingos. There are basically two options:

1. You are a guest of the Renaissance Hotel * , a room is available from just under € 200 / night , depending on the travel time . That’s not a snapper, we also know that. But the use of the Flamingo Beach and the transport with the water taxi are included in the price and the hotel itself is also great. We save ourselves a review at this point, because our photos have just become too crappy and we have absolutely nothing to complain about. The hotel can be booked without hesitation.

2. If you are not a guest of the hotel , you can visit the island for a fee of around $ 90 per person per day . Unfortunately, there is very little information about this day pass, not even on the hotel’s website . We don’t know why that is, probably because the hotel would rather have its rooms full.

We decided on option 1 and treated ourselves to two nights. The fact that it turned out to be two nights was mainly due to the lack of clarity as to when exactly you can use Flamingo Beach. When you are a guest, that’s clear … but when are you a guest? Once you’ve checked in? Or as soon as you have come to the hotel and have already deposited your suitcase and announced that you want to go to the flamingos, even if the check-in is not yet possible? You can see that we wanted to get the best out of our visit to Flamingo Beach 😉 And because according to the hotel, check-in should only be possible in the afternoon and we didn’t want to take the risk of only being able to spend 2-3 hours at Flamingo Beach, we booked two nights.

If you are also asking yourself this question, the answer is: You can take the water taxi to Flamingo Beach as soon as you have your room card . This is used as an admission card and is registered when boarding the speedboat. Fortunately, we were able to check in in the morning and thus had two full days at Flamingo Beach! For the foxes among you: On the day of the checkout, you can no longer transfer to the private island for free, because you hand in the card when you check out (unless you forget … ahem. We didn’t dare to mess around with it, otherwise it would be maybe embarrassing. Only we happily continued to use the hotel parking lot with the forgotten room card).

If you happen to have your own boat (who doesn’t have one), it is also possible to moor it unnoticed on the private island and enjoy Flamingo Beach for free .

Aruba’s highlight: off to the flamingos!

Now butter with the fish (and flamingos): How is it now on the private island with the pink birds? In a nutshell: Awwwwww !!

After you have crossed over by boat, a perfectly dressed up private island awaits you. You enter the island via wooden walkways, get free towels and make your way to the beach with the flamingos.

Renaissance Island Aruba

The island has a total of two beaches to offer, one is the slightly larger Iguana Beach, where children are allowed to mischief and the Flamingo Beach, which is only for adults. Incidentally, the iguanas adhere to the guidelines very little and hang around the whole island, at the Iguana Beach intended for them we did not discover a single one of these revolutionaries.

On the short path to Flamingo Beach you cross the mangroves and rivers of the island over small bridges. There I discovered my first boxfish and was thrilled to see this spherical, colorfully spotted fish … I didn’t even know where to look first! Iguanas, flamingos, funny fish… .uuuiiii! (sorry, I’m 5 years old again, I can’t do anything!)

After I watched all the fish extensively and slowly calmed down, the flamingos had to believe in it. Pictures, please! The flamingos are used to the tourists and strut around unimpressed between the loungers. At the moment 6 of them are stationed there (i.e. flamingos, not loungers, although some of them donate from time to time and the number fluctuates temporarily).

Flamingos on Reniassance Island


Feeding is highly appreciated, which is why there is also a machine at Flamingo Beach where you can pull food for a few cents. The flamingos are totally into it and more or less carefully fetch the food out of your hands (and out of your trouser pocket, if you have stashed something there) and you can take photos with them in peace. But woe betide you want to stroke her, then your hand will be hacked straight away!

Flamingo feeding

Flamingo Beach Aruba

The iguanas, by the way, are just as brutal, they also like to be fed and sometimes touched. But beware! You can bite hard and the tail is like a whip! I wasn’t careful when I was feeding and suddenly three iguanas pounded around my banana and got a bite in the process. The bite was not deep, but since iguanas are scavengers, something like this is not entirely harmless due to the risk of tetanus (and of course I was not vaccinated, would have been too easy).

Iguanas in Aruba

Since Renaissance Island is a mangrove island, snorkeling is also worthwhile here. There isn’t really much going on underwater, but in the small, shallow rivers of the island the fish cavort between the arms of the mangroves. The boxfish in particular like shallow, warm water very much and are not afraid of snorkelers. But don’t touch! Boxfish are related to puffer fish and release a poison when they are stressed (which probably only triggers a skin reaction in humans, but unfortunately the cute fish sometimes die themselves from their poison).

You can already see: There is a lot going on at Flamingo Beach in Aruba and we have jumped death several times. If you don’t want to live as dangerous as we do, you can just throw yourself in the hammock with a cocktail and watch others risk their lives or spend hours shooting the perfect Instagram selfie. Everything is possible at Flamingo Beach! 😉

Traveling with a wheelchair

Globetrotter travel advisor Roland Bigler has been in a wheelchair since a swimming accident. That never stopped him from traveling. And with his experience, he now has the right tips in store for everyone with a wheelchair who wants to travel.

The first trip takes courage

Every beginning is difficult. For people in wheelchairs, especially when it comes to daring the first trip, the first vacation in the new life situation. It didn’t take long for Roland Bigler: ten months after his accident, he was back on the plane heading for Cyprus. That was a group trip organized by the Paraplegic Foundation. And he remembers: “Maybe that was a little naive. I didn’t really know the situation, I had just started a new life. ”

And yet he was able to learn a lot on the well-organized trip, to learn a lot from the other travelers in wheelchairs, some of whom had years of experience. He laughs today that Roland’s first trip in a wheelchair didn’t end so well: “The doctors told me to drink a lot, wear support stockings and avoid the sun – I did exactly the opposite and promptly had to leave Rega with a thrombosis be flown home. ”

Traveling by boat in Kenya

Roland was 20 then. Today, more experience, he has a lot of recommendations for people in wheelchairs and their first trip. “I would probably do something with the train for the first time,” he says. Paris or Lyon maybe. Or Berlin. “That’s awesome there, almost everything is wheelchair-accessible.” Except for the television tower, that’s what Roland hissed. “They did have a lift, but for fire safety reasons they wouldn’t let me up. I almost wrote to Merkel, ”he says and grins.

Olympic cities as pioneers

Overall, cities that hosted the Olympic Games are often particularly suitable for people in wheelchairs. “That’s where the Paralympics always take place,” says Roland. Cities like Vancouver, Sydney or London are then for a short time real pioneers when it comes to accessibility.

Wongaling Beach, Queensland, Australia

For a first flight with a wheelchair, Roland does not recommend a transcontinental flight. “Many wheelchair users like it warm,” he says. “Tenerife, for example, is very suitable.” With the Los Cristianos beach in the south of the island, one of the first top destinations for people in wheelchairs was created around thirty years ago. “There are kilometer-long promenades, access to the sea with beach wheelchairs to help you get on, numerous barrier-free toilets and excursions in wheelchair-accessible vehicles.” But Mallorca is also a good first destination with wheelchair taxis and barrier-free public transport.

Flying remains an obstacle

Whether on the short haul or across the Atlantic, air travel in a wheelchair is always a hassle – and sometimes tedious, as Roland had to experience several times. “In any case, you have to register with the airline in good time. Preferably a week in advance. ” And then all requests and special needs should be registered.

Thai State Railways Bangkok

Getting on the plane with your own wheelchair is impossible, even over the passenger bridge. The entrance is too narrow, the aisle between the seats too narrow. So there is a narrow folding wheelchair for the transfer to the seat. Your own wheelchair comes with you in the hold. Incidentally, this does not cost anything, the airlines are obliged to enable people with reduced mobility to travel just like everyone else.

Looking for personal contact

The hotels are getting better and better, says Roland Bigler. “Many hotel operators now know what a drive-in shower is and write it directly on their website.” Others simply write “Facilities for the disabled” on their site. “That’s no use to me at the moment!” The problem with booking a room is still the same: There is no such thing as barrier-free travel because people can have many different restrictions. Not only people in wheelchairs need accessibility, but also deaf people and people with visual impairments. And their needs are completely different.

That’s why Roland swears by direct communication with the hotels. He looks around the booking platforms, looks at pictures, but often emails the accommodations directly. Wheelchair users are generally on the Internet a lot. Roland himself says: “I often look at my destinations on Google Street View, then I see where there are ramps or stairs.” In this way he avoids unpleasant surprises and sees in advance where it is not even worth going to.

Stay flexible!

No matter how well orchestrated a trip is, things can always go wrong. As a travel consultant, Roland tries to clear all the stones out of the way for his customers (most of them are in wheelchairs, by the way), but whether pedestrians or wheelchair users – no one is immune from all eventualities. “I have already experienced that with a customer – despite a corresponding booking – no more accessible hotel rooms were available.”

Boat trip in Ireland

Then communication is required, and an uncomplicated rethinking. A stubborn head doesn’t get you anywhere, says Roland: “When you travel, you simply leave your comfort zone. It’s the same for everyone. Then you have to be flexible according to your abilities. “

Inspiration to others

Many of Roland’s customers are insecure and do not really know what to trust. “I try to encourage them,” says the travel agent. But he also makes recommendations. For example, he advises: “I would always take someone with me.” There are many wheelchair users who want to travel alone. “They do it anyway, and they book themselves too.” For him that would not even be an option. As a quadriplegic, he cannot move his legs or fingers. “I need so much help that traveling alone would not be possible.”


Arashi Beach in Aruba: 5 reasons why you will love the dream beach

The small Caribbean island of Aruba is the island of dream beaches and the island of contrasts: While you are swimming with flamingos on the beach for a moment or strolling across the endlessly wide Eagle Beach , you are only a few meters further in the middle of a desert-like stone landscape with cacti and aloe plants. Aruba also has a lot to offer when it comes to snorkeling and is known as the Aquarium of the Caribbean for a reason. With Baby Beach we have already introduced you to one of the snorkeling hotspots on Aruba, the second hotspot is Arashi Beach in the north-west of the island. We’ll tell you why you shouldn’t miss the small beach when you’re in Aruba.

Arashi Beach: Aruba’s snorkeling paradise

Pack your snorkel and mask, because there is a lot to see at Arashi Beach! As always, where there are stones, there are fish. It is no different here and so on Arashi Beach the places full of stones alternate with the places where you can walk perfectly and easily over the soft sand far into the sea. The further you swim out, the more there is underwater. This is also the big advantage of Arashi Beach compared to Baby Beach : At Baby Beach you are in a lagoon that you shouldn’t leave due to the strong current, that’s not the case at Arashi Beach. The water is calm and you can swim as far out as you want (but you should still be an experienced swimmer, because the current is definitely there).

Aruba Arashi Beach

If you are into adventure , a specialty awaits you off the coast at the level of Arashi Beach and the adjacent Boca Catalina Beach: Approx. The wreck of the German SS Antilla lies aground 700m from the coast . The ship sank in 1940 and since then tons of animal species have settled here, which is why the shipwreck has become one of the most popular diving spots in the Caribbean.

But we warn you: For normal swimmers 700m (one way) in the sea are not manageable! Of course not for us either (we are not tired of life, even if you could assume that due to our day hike to the Havasu Falls ), which is why we explored the Antilla as part of a guided snorkeling excursion (the report will follow soon). If you want to do it on your own, you can organize a rubber dinghy or something similar with which you can paddle the stretch out to sea from Arashi Beach or Boca Catalina. Worth it!

Divi Divi tree on Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach: Favorite of the locals

The Arubans tend to distance themselves from the large beaches such as Palm Beach and Eagle Beach and prefer to swim on the beaches that are less frequented by tourists. Arashi Beach is one of the absolute favorites of the locals and so you mainly meet locals and people who come by especially to snorkel or dive. Arashi Beach is therefore never particularly crowded, even if it is quite small in comparison. Irritatingly, however, a tour bus operated by the organizer De Palm Tours Stop at Arashi Beach – the beach seems to be a stop on some island tour. But don’t worry: people just look, they don’t bathe. We suspect that the tour group is shown the Antilla shipwreck from Arashi Beach (for which De Palm Tours also offers a tour 😉) and then continues without bathing. Phew, lucky … (Do you know that when you get on the train and there is already a school class there? Fuuuuck. That’s what it felt like when the tour bus was unloaded. But it was just fine again)

Dream beach Arashi Beach in Aruba

The most beautiful sunset in Aruba

You can find it on Arashi Beach. Because: in the east the sun rises, in the south it takes its course, in the west it will set … Arashi Beach is located in the far west of Aruba. It’s perfect for watching one of the most beautiful sunsets in the Caribbean in the evening. What is going on here is difficult to put into words. The only lighthouse in Aruba, the California Lighthouse, is also suitable as a sunset spot. It’s right around the corner and it’s best to just come to the lighthouse or Arashi Beach every evening.

Katrin on Arashi Beach Aruba

Arashi Beach is suitable for children

While we only recommend Baby Beach to a limited extent for children due to the very high stones in the water and Eagle Beach is not perfectly suitable due to the slope, you will find everything children could want at Arashi Beach. There is a lot to discover while snorkeling, the current is limited (but is more intense than at Palm Beach), there are stone-free places and the water falls flat. Sounds good? Is good.

What is the difference to Boca Catalina Beach? Boca Catalina is just a tiny bit south of Arashi Beach and is equally good for snorkeling. The problem is that you will mostly find rocks and stones here, getting into the water is much more difficult. It’s not really suitable for children, even if the underwater world is supposed to be a bit more spectacular than at Arashi Beach.

Accommodation and parking at Arashi Beach

Park. Yes. Hotels: No. For others this is definitely a nightmare, for us large hotel buildings near a beach are a nightmare. There are no more hotels near Arashi Beach or generally in the north-west of Aruba , residential areas are popular here. Instead, you will find some pretty little houses and villas that are rented out on AirBnB. And we can tell you: The corner in the very north of Aruba is super beautiful! The villas are partly on a hill directly by the sea or directly above the beach with an amazing view, have a private pool or a small garden and everything you could want.

You can even park at Arashi Beach itself, without it being directly on a busy road such as Eagle Beach. In a pinch you can even reach the beach with the Arubus , the Arashi Beach is the last stop on line 10A.

Albania Travel – the oasis in Europe

Albania was a trend destination this year. What does that mean? The author of this text wanted to know exactly. She spoke to two Globetrotter travel consultants who recently visited the Balkans. One thing first: traveling to Albania is not just a trend. Albania is probably one of the last oases in Europe.

What comes to your mind, dear reader, when you hear the word trend destination? Is it also Caribbean beaches, chic hotels, full bars and lively street cafes? “You can find the latter on every corner in Tirana, the capital of Albania,” says Carla Riss, Globetrotter travel advisor at the Aarau branch. The exciting thing about the cafés is that, in contrast to local climes, they are almost exclusively occupied by men. There is really “käfelet”, gesticulating and discussing. The keyword is exciting.

Hospitable Albania

Carla Riss and Pascal Schmid, Globetrotter travel consultants in Zurich, agree that the city with its communist past and buildings is very exciting. Accordingly, the accommodations, which are rather simple and do not necessarily correspond to the “European standard”. The hotels and inns are often run by families, says Carla. In this context, she mentions the exceptional hospitality that is shown throughout the country. And last but not least, the fine Albanian food, which is available practically everywhere for little money.

coffee albania tirana


Nature like in Norway

The adjective “beautiful” is not used in Tirana, but it definitely comes into play. And that is when we talk about nature in Albania. For example, the rather isolated Valbonatal in the north of the country should not be missing on any trip to Albania. On the contrary. “Between the mountain ranges I felt like I was in Norway,” Carla sums up. The valley is best discovered by hiking. “And make sure you bring your time, because the journey there is long.” Speaking of time. If you have a little more of it available, three or even four weeks, a trip to Albania combines with the neighboring countries Kosovo and Macedonia. «Or with Greece. The island of Corfu is very easy to reach from Albania », says Pascal

Valbona Valley National Park, Albania

Albania trip = Caribbean feeling

But back to Albania. A “real” trend destination also includes the beach and the sea, right? In the south of the country you can even feel that Caribbean feeling, says Pascal. For example in Dhermi, which is located between the larger towns of Vlora and Saranda. The locals would also like to spend their free time in the south, says Pascal. That speaks for itself. In general, the country is visited by many tourists from neighboring countries, but less by «western» tourists, both travel advisors believe. The question of whether the word trend destination does not apply to Albania cannot simply be answered with yes or no.

Dhermi, Albania

Italy 40 years ago

“It would be great for the people in Albania if tourism grew,” says Carla. Because poverty is already being felt, especially in rural areas, yes, cell phones and computers are not at all taken for granted. “Sometimes I felt like I was in Italy. But 40 years ago. ” But that is not meant negatively at all, on the contrary. It is precisely what is tangibly original that makes Albania so special as a travel destination and even an “oasis in Europe”. According to the latter statements of the two travel consultants, the author of this text is convinced that a trend destination should not be reduced to chic hotels and full street cafes. There is definitely more to it than that. So off to Albania? Oh yeah! (See box). 

Gjirokastra, Albania

Vancouver Travel – the dream city on the Pacific

If you are in western Canada, a trip to Vancouver is highly recommended. The city on the Pacific offers you wonderful views, a mild climate and short distances between the various sights. There is a reason why Vancouver is so popular around the world.

Movie set in Vancouver

As soon as you arrive you can walk into the middle of a film set on your Vancouver trip. As the third largest film production center in North America, over 350 films were made here in 2015 alone. Or would you have thought that most of the last “Godzilla” film was shot in Vancouver? But also “The Twilight Saga”, “Mission Impossible” and “Seven Years in Tibet” owe large sections of the film to the wonderful backdrop of this city.

Steam clock in “Gastown”

In the hip “Gastown” district you will find the steam clock that plays a song to its visitors every hour. The region exudes its own charm with cobblestones, cafés and gas lamps and is ideal for strolling and strolling.Interesting facts about camper trips and an overview of the available models.

Also something for sports enthusiasts

A trip to Vancouver is also something for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts. Here you can go mountain biking, skiing, kayaking or swimming. Fishing, boating and hiking are on the possible program. The offers are varied and there is never a reason to be bored. Stanley Park in particular offers great opportunities to spontaneously rent a bike and explore the beautiful nature in and around Vancouver.

You shouldn’t be afraid of heights here

Do you love beautiful views? Then a visit to the Lookout Tower in the Harbor Center might be just the thing for your trip to Vancouver. The glass elevator takes you in no time up to a height of 130 meters, where you can expect a fantastic city panorama of 360 degrees. And the restaurant on the 42nd floor of the Empire Landmark Hotel also offers beguiling views. Here you can enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world while feasting: Vancouver!

Taiwan trip – between nature and the big city

Called “the beautiful” by the Portuguese in the 16th century, the island off the Chinese coast impresses with its unique diversity.

Discover breathtaking natural spectacles, beautiful coastal landscapes and cultural diversity on a very individual Taiwan trip. The magical mountain landscape, surrounded by lakes and deep gorges, invites you to explore together with countless hot springs. Get to know the extremely friendly and open-minded locals and visit big cities like Taipei, which will take you on an extraordinary culinary journey.

Tradition meets modernity in Taipei

A metropolis that you definitely shouldn’t miss is the colorful and lively capital of Taipei. Impressive temples and churches meet the most modern architecture there. Architecture and shopping enthusiasts alike will get their money’s worth at the world-famous Taipei 101. The 508 meter high skyscraper with its 101 floors offers countless shopping opportunities as well as a breathtaking viewing platform. Enjoy an incomparable view far beyond the city limits on the 89th floor.

Taroko National Park

Taiwan is not only characterized by its urban life, but also by its unique landscape. Hike in the mountains, explore gorges, and spot rare animal species. In the impressive Taroko National Park you have the opportunity to explore the area along steep cliffs. Since sights and entrances are often miles apart, you can also discover the gorge on your own with a vehicle. Trekking paths also offer you wonderful views and you can also visit parts of the gigantic abysses on foot. The unique combination of great food, beautiful scenery and diverse culture makes your Taiwan trip a truly unforgettable experience.

The night markets of Taiwan

Not only in Taipei, but also in other parts of Taiwan, the well-known night markets are set up in the evenings, sometimes even with road closures. Stroll through these lively zones and immerse yourself in the country’s authentic nightlife. If you are looking for a bargain this is the place for you. You can also try exotic delicacies and let the unique atmosphere work its magic on you with exciting aromas.

Newfoundland Travel – Adventure in Nature

On your Newfoundland trip, discover “The Rock”, as the locals call the island. Here you will find yourself in a truly heavenly piece of earth. Watch whales, spot icebergs floating in the sea, or explore the settlements of the Vikings.


Canada’s easternmost province not only impresses with its charming landscape and exciting history, but especially with its inhabitants. It is not for nothing that Newfoundland has the reputation of being home to the friendliest people in Canada. Let the sociable and helpful disposition of the Newfoundlands welcome you to one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

The oldest city in Canada – St. John’s

Despite its long history, the capital of Newfoundland, St. John’s, could hardly be more lively. While strolling through the city, you will see colorful houses adorned with flowers on the steep hillside streets. For the more adventurous, the city offers the perfect starting point to follow a spectacular hiking trail. Explore the east coast of the island and marvel at whales or watch fishing boats maneuver past icebergs.

Historical Viking settlement

The interesting history of the province leads to another recommendation for your Newfoundland trip. L’Anse aux Meadows should definitely be on the travel list of your Newfoundland adventure. In this historic Viking site in the west of the island, you will learn interesting facts about the exciting history of the dreaded pirates. Thanks to reconstructed Viking houses, you will feel transported back to the year 1000, when the first immigrants reached Newfoundland.

Newfoundland World Heritage Site

In addition to adventurous hiking trails, the west of Newfoundland offers another highlight. There a walk through the Gros Morne National Park reveals a breathtaking scenery. In order to protect the unique geology of the Tableland Mountains present there, the park was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its impressive landscape is characterized by waterfalls, rock cliffs, mountains and fjords. You will not be able to get out of your amazement, because this park offers great views – as far as the eye can see.

Once around the globe – our tips for a trip around the world

Are you looking for inspiration, stuck in the phase in which you are already planning your trip around the world or are you still looking for the last few tips to fine-tune your adventure? Then you are exactly right here. We will inform you about your world tour route, potential world tour costs and the perfect packing checklist . With us, world trips can be individually tailored to your needs. Regardless of whether you want to take a cruise around the world, your heart beats for a motorcycle world tour or you even want to go on a world tour with your child , we are happy to be there for you and make your wishes a reality.

Traveling for a few months through the most beautiful countries in the world is a dream for many of us. Relaxing on Californian beaches, hiking on extinct volcanoes in Hawaii , experiencing Asian culture or walking in Australia next to kangaroos and koalas. Planning a trip around the world doesn’t have to be stressful and complicated. With a few tips, not only the organization but also your trip around the globe will be an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Round-the-world ticket

The round-the-world ticket is not only a great way to get around the world. This also relieves you of a lot of planning. Buy a certain number of flights, stops or miles and plan your route according to your ideas. A route network is given to you by the respective flight alliances. The travel time and validity for each ticket is one year. Depending on the ticket, five to 15 stopovers are usually possible. Some providers also only offer certain routes and cardinal points. The world is mostly circled eastwards.

Before you book, think about specific destinations and make sure you end your trip in the same country in which you started it. We recommend that you fly to the most important destinations with the round-the-world ticket and continue traveling within a country with cheap local airlines or, if the distances are shorter, by public transport. This gives you the opportunity to discover less touristy areas in countries like Thailand or New Zealand.

Make sure you have a competent contact person. She should also be able to advise you on your ticket on the way and make any changes and solve problems. Because although your route is already fixed, you have a little more flexibility with regard to the travel date. So if you don’t want to miss snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia or a safari in Namibia, for example, then changing the departure date is quite possible.

Gambia Travel – the smallest country on mainland Africa

If you are looking for new and interesting travel destinations, then a trip to the Gambia should be at the top of your list. The smallest country on the African mainland scores with warm weather, a total of 80 kilometers of golden sandy beaches and unspoiled nature. Although there are no Big 5 here, monkeys, crocodiles and hippos as well as a unique world of birds make the heart of every animal lover beat faster. You can find out what else to expect in Gambia here.

Authentic hustle and bustle in the Gambian markets

When you travel to Gambia you will experience the daily life of the local people. The best way to immerse yourself in the culture is to mingle with the hustle and bustle of one of the many markets. There is, for example, the market in Serekunda, where wheelbarrows full of bananas are driven past you and colorfully dressed women spread their harvest on a sheet in front of them. Those looking for an even bigger market will find the Royal Albert Market in the capital Banjul. You can buy all kinds of hand goods, clothing and cooking utensils here – everything you need for daily life.

Animal encounters

The Tanji Bird Reserve is a conservation reserve for wild birds. With 300 species of birds, some vervet monkeys and various species of monkeys, there is a lot to see here. Birds can also be found in Niumi National Park, which stretches along the Atlantic coast of Barra. On a tour in an off-road vehicle, you can not only admire the fauna here, but also find numerous white beaches.

In the mouth of the Gambia River, on the other hand, you will encounter dolphins, which are often on the way to the uninhabited Dog Island. Those who prefer it more adventurous will get their money’s worth at the “Kachikally Crocodile Pool” in Bakau. Numerous crocodiles cavort in this pool and are worshiped by the Gambians. Some even dare to touch the dangerous animals.

A hidden cultural treasure

Are you interested in archeology and history? Then this insider tip should be just the thing for you. In the interior there are around 1250 year old stone circles made of laterite boulders. It is not certain whether these are graves or some other purpose behind the strange structures, but it is always interesting. Similar stone circles can also be found in Kerr Batch, Kau-ur and Nioro Kunda. By the way, the locals say that if you place a stone on the stone circles, you get a wish fulfilled.

Monkey Park in Gambia

The 10 best fear of flying tips

Do you panic and stress at the thought of an airplane? You don’t want to miss out on traveling despite your fear of flying? Then the following 10 tips for fear of flying are guaranteed to help you enjoy your future flights and discover the world completely relaxed.

1. Good time management

The first of our fear of flying tips is good time management. Even if you don’t suffer from aviophobia, when you find yourself arriving at the airport quite late, it will definitely make you nervous, right? You should therefore plan enough time for the drive to the airport. If there is a lot of traffic or if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you know that you still have enough time. Bear in mind that there can often be waiting times at the airport for check-in or security checks. If you are lucky and you don’t have to queue or wait for the journey or on site, you can stroll through the various shops at the gates in a relaxed manner. Pass the time there and maybe you will even find a little something or two,

2. Seat reservation

Knowing that you can decide for yourself where to sit on the plane is a very pleasant feeling. It is therefore particularly advisable to reserve the seat of your choice in advance. While this can come with additional costs, it is definitely worth it. Because the early reservation of a seat gives you a feeling of security.

1. Good time management

The first of our fear of flying tips is good time management. Even if you don’t suffer from aviophobia, when you find yourself arriving at the airport quite late, it will definitely make you nervous, right? You should therefore plan enough time for the drive to the airport. If there is a lot of traffic or if you are stuck in a traffic jam, you know that you still have enough time. Bear in mind that there can often be waiting times at the airport for check-in or security checks. If you are lucky and you don’t have to queue or wait for the journey or on site, you can stroll through the various shops at the gates in a relaxed manner. Pass the time there and maybe you will even find a little something or two,

2. Seat reservation

Knowing that you can decide for yourself where to sit on the plane is a very pleasant feeling. It is therefore particularly advisable to reserve the seat of your choice in advance. While this can come with additional costs, it is definitely worth it. Because the early reservation of a seat gives you a feeling of security.

Fear of flying tips

Another tip against fear of flying:

Since you feel less turbulence in the front part of the aircraft, it is particularly advisable to reserve a seat in this area. If you also suffer from a fear of space or heights, then you should choose an aisle seat. You are guaranteed more leg and movement freedom at doors and emergency exits.

3. Exchange with the crew

Inform the crew on board about your fear of flying. Since these are trained flight attendants, they know how to handle situations in an emergency. Knowing that you are in the best of hands, you can lean back and relax during your flight and enjoy the time until landing.

4. Entertainment to pass the time

Any kind of entertainment not only helps you to be distracted from your fear of flying, but also makes the time on board fly by. On long-haul flights you will usually be entertained with a varied entertainment program. You are spoiled for choice and can watch blockbusters or classic films. Not in the mood for movies? Then you can also distract yourself with different styles of music or games.

5. Read books and magazines

There is no entertainment program on your aircraft or you just don’t feel like it? No problem either. Since you planned enough time to get to the airport, you could stroll comfortably through the many shops. Perhaps you have discovered an exciting book or magazine there that you have wanted to read for a long time. Then on the plane is the perfect time for it. Otherwise, it is also advisable to take a book or magazine with you from home.

6. Music and audio books

Music is known to help you relax. Download some songs from your favorite artist onto your mobile phone or tablet and relax. Audiobooks are a good option for both long and short flights, in order to distract yourself and immerse yourself completely in another world.

7. Selected meals and drinks

Make sure you don’t get on the plane on an empty stomach. Because a feeling of hunger usually worsens the queasy feeling in the stomach. You should also avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol. This only increases your nervousness. Soothing teas and fruit, on the other hand, are the perfect combination to enjoy your flight in a deeply relaxed manner.

8. Relaxation exercises

Targeted exercises can also help your overall relaxation. Try to sit up straight with both legs firmly on the floor. Pay attention to deep breaths and try to exhale long and consciously. A simple exercise that helps you relax works as follows:

As you inhale, pull your shoulders back and stay in this position for about 5 seconds. Lower your shoulders back down and slowly exhale. After a few repetitions, you will already feel improvements and be more relaxed.

9. Conversations with other passengers

Good and exciting conversations are another suitable way to distract yourself from your fear of flying. Find conversations with your seat neighbors or other passengers and exchange ideas.

10. Help from a professional

Fear of flying tips

If you would like additional professional help to combat your fear of flying, then there are different options. Fear of flying seminars and fear of flying coaching in Bern and St. Gallen-Altenrhein help you to overcome your worries and fears and to travel carefree in the future.

With our 10 best fear of flying tips, nothing stands in the way of your trip. With a few tricks and good preparation, you will be flying completely relaxed from now on. what are you waiting for? Explore the world stress-free and carefree.