Miami Travel – The Magical City

Take a trip to Miami and discover “the Magic City”, as the locals like to call it. Actually, the city name has its origin in the Indian word Mayaimi, which means something like “big water”. Both terms hit the point. The city on the water impresses with countless palm-tree beaches and has magically attracted visitors for decades. Drive along Ocean Drive, shop on Lincoln Road and enjoy your Miami city break to the full.

Downtown Miami – Spanish meets English

Well, am I still in the USA? This question arises in Downtown Miami when you suddenly read Spanish on street signs everywhere and hear the sound of salsa. Nearly 70 percent of Miami’s population has a Latin American background. And it’s no wonder that so many Spanish speakers have settled here, because the city is just beautiful. For you it has the advantage that you can refresh your rusty Spanish skills in addition to English on your Miami trip.

Little Havana

And while we’re on the subject. Little Havana belongs to Miami like the air you breathe. Here you can not only buy Cuban cigars, but also a diverse cultural offer and excellent restaurants. In the Cuban district you are guaranteed to get a real Caribbean feeling on your Miami trip.

Art Deco district

One of the largest Art Deco districts in the world is located very close to South Beach. Whether you were a “Miami Vice” fan or would like to visit the film set of the Hollywood flick “Crazy About Mary”, there is a lot to see and experience here. In this quarter of the beautiful and the rich, tourist guides like to chat between the 960 magnificent buildings and learn a few true insider stories.

Miami with children

A trip to Miami is great for families with children or teenagers. The city has many attractions, such as the Miami Seaquarium on Virginia Key or the nearby Miami Beach, where you can relax and swim together. Miami is also the ideal stopover for a rental car tour through Florida. Here you can take a breather before heading to attractions such as Disneyworld or Universal Studios.


Miami travel instead of vacation

True to our motto “Miami travel instead of vacation”, we want to explore sights away from Miami Beach. If you travel to the Sunshine State Florida, you will want to get to know highlights such as the Everglades National Park, Key West or Fort Myers in addition to a city trip to Miami. Whatever your plan, we’re happy to provide tips and advice for your very own Miami trip.

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