Hiking routes in New Zealand

Hiking in New Zealand is a dream for nature lovers and world explorers. Here you can expect breathtaking landscapes with human and, above all, animal inhabitants. We asked our expert Kurt and summarized the most beautiful hiking routes for you.

The top 7 hiking routes in New Zealand

Feel true freedom as you discover New Zealand on your own on foot. A trekking trip on the island is an absolute dream for hikers, as you can explore incredible natural landscapes in the smallest of spaces. From the 3000-meter peaks in the New Zealand mountains to bays and surf where you can listen to the roar of the sea, there are no limits to your wanderlust.
Our travel experts have the following tips for a visit:

1. Abel-Tasman National Park: Inland Track

The Abel-Tasman National Park is located on the north coast of the South Island of New Zealand. Enchanted bays and dense rainforests extend over 225 square meters. The Inland Track Route takes you around 38 kilometers from Tinline Bay to Torrent Bay. The hike takes between three and five days, depending on your stamina, and is especially suitable for experienced athletes.

2. Kahurangi National Park: Arthur Table Land Circuit

The Arthur Table Land Circuit in Kahurangi National Park is a two-day tour for experienced hikers. The 28 kilometer loop leads from the Flora parking lot via Salisbury Lodge, Gordons Pyramid and Mount Arthur Hut back to the parking lot. The hike takes you through rocky gorges and cloud forests to lush green mountain ridges.

3. Nelson-Lakes National Park: Travers-Sabine Circuit

The 80-kilometer Travers-Sabine Circuit in Nelson Lakes National Park is an adventure tour that is particularly suitable for experienced hikers. The view from the Alpine Travers saddle is particularly worthwhile. Here you have an incredible view of Mount Travers with its 2338 meters of altitude. Another highlight is the Blue Lake Hut on the lake of the same name, accessible by water taxi across Lake Rotoroa and two days of trekking. The easily accessible path leads through the southern beech forest typical for this area along the Sabine River up to 1200 meters above sea level and is only 100 m away from the wonderful Blue Lake.

4. Mount Aspiring National Park: Young Wilkin Valley Circuit

You should plan three to four days for the 58-kilometer Young Wilkin Valley Circuit and already have hiking experience. You can expect beautiful, wide mountain landscapes with colorful meadow flowers, deep blue lakes and steep peaks. Important: You must be able to cross rivers for this hike.

5. Westland National Park: Copland Valley / Welcome Flats Hut

The hike through the Copland Valley to the Welcome Flats Huts is a relaxed two-day tour of medium difficulty. The hot springs in the national park are a special highlight. So be sure to pack your swimwear. You can also expect steep suspension bridges through the cloud forest, turquoise blue rivers and an enchanted forest landscape.

6. Paparoa National Park: Inland Pack Track

The 25-kilometer Inland Pack Track takes you on the traces of the historic gold rush route through Paparoa National Park. The two-day hike is perfect for beginners and can best be done with an overnight stay in a tent. Attention: The path leads repeatedly along a river bed, which has to be crossed several times.

7. Stewart Island: Rakiura National Park

The Rakiura National Park on Steward Island is a special gem for nature and animal lovers. Rakiura means something like the land of shining skies, a homage to the beautiful sunsets in the national park. The park is also perfect for watching the shy kiwi birds. It is especially nice when you sleep in a tent at night and listen to a concert of wild songbirds.

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