Family travel

Where are we going

A question that many young families ask themselves. On the first family trip, especially with small children, there are various aspects to consider. Can I fly with a small child and what do I have to consider, which diseases are common in the travel destination, does it need vaccinations, how safe is the country and can my child tolerate the local climate?

As the children get older, it becomes easier and yet new challenges arise. How high are the ancillary costs, what distances do you have to cover, are there attractive stop-over options to interrupt the long distance or can I travel overland? Food is also an often mentioned topic. Can the children take everything or do you have to be careful about hygiene? On-site medical care always plays a role, but is even more important when traveling with children.

Many of our consultants travel with their families and are familiar with the challenges.

Popular destinations for families are:

How do we organize our family trip?

Once you have found your destination, you need to plan the trip yourself. A few basic considerations can be derived from our own experience and that of customers that guarantee an exciting and at the same time relaxing trip for children and parents.

Plan enough time

Better to skip a stop and arrive at your destination early.

Lots of adventure time

Joint activities and time to enjoy, instead of sitting in the car all the time or rushing from one attraction to the next.

Multi-day stops on round trips

Frequent packing and unpacking takes away time to experience and affects the mind. Better to combine 2-3 nights in one place with excursions in the area.

Short, varied stages

Long distances in the car can quickly lead to boredom in children. Short distances with entertaining stopovers intensify the travel experience.

Train or ship as an alternative

Very popular and always exciting for children of all ages, trains and ships bring variety to everyday travel.

Child-friendly route suggestions

Where can you find suitable activities that match the age of the children and how can I combine these with meaningful stages in a trip? A question that our consultants will be happy to answer from their own experience.

How are we going?

Family trips don’t just have to be inpatient stays with day trips. Even with children, tours offer more flexibility and an exciting opportunity to discover more of a country – for children and adults.

With a camper or motorhome, your own four walls travel along. There is no packing and unpacking and if a stage seems too long, you simply stop at the next campground. Modern vehicles offer everything that travelers with children need. From a simple campervan to a luxury caravan.

When out and about in the rental car, the family remains flexible and independent. Excursions in the area or entire round trips combined with the comfort of guest houses and hotels. Traveling with children often means a little more luggage, which should be considered when choosing a rental car. On the way, however, it offers more freedom.

Families do not have to exclude public transport from their planning either. Depending on the experience of the parents and the age of the children, local means of transport give a deeper insight into people’s lives and the chance for personal contacts.

How do we stay overnight?

As a family, the price is not unimportant. Many hotels but also simple accommodations and campsites offer special conditions. But not all of them meet the requirements of travelers with children.

The following considerations should be taken into account when planning:

  • Are there cheaper prices for families or children’s specials
  • Can the children share a room / apartment with their parents (e.g. 2 adults + 2 children)
  • Are the rooms big enough for a stay with children?
  • Does the property have a pool or other entertainment facilities for children of the appropriate age
  • If necessary, you can take advantage of childcare
  • At camping sites, cabins are a comfortable alternative for families without having to forego the atmosphere or the special location
  • When traveling with the motorhome, you should pay attention to how spacious the vehicle is (so that you can spend time inside in bad weather), what cooking options there are, but also the insurance cover for possible damage caused by children romping around.

What are we doing?

Depending on the age and interests of the children, activities and excursions during the trip should be carefully considered. So that everyone can enjoy the time together, young and old should also get their money’s worth here. Our tips for planning:

As a general rule:

  • The day is usually very spontaneous
  • Short-term and flexible booking options for excursions are very helpful
  • The weather and mood of the family can quickly upset fixed plans and, if planned incorrectly, lead to problems

Plan according to age:

  • With younger children, the beach, nature and animals are very popular
  • The older the children are, the more intensive activities / excursions can be undertaken. Camping, hiking, jungle experiences and national parks, canoe trips or rope parks.
  • From a cultural point of view, excursions to temples or dance performances for children from a certain age are very exciting. Surfing, kayaking, biking or even diving into a larger city on a city tour. Amusement parks offer a good change from everyday travel and are great fun for almost all age groups.

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