Beware of wanderlust: When looking at these photos you will be overwhelmed by the desire to travel

His travels have taken him to the most exotic islands and the most remote corners of the world: the aviation photographer Dietmar Plath shows his most beautiful photos in an open-air exhibition in Hamburg.

On-site meeting in the shadow of the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. On the Übersee-Boulevard in the Hafencity, which is also frequented by tourists, one large-format color photo follows the other in the middle of the promenade. ” Wanderlust ” is the title of the open-air exhibition.

What all 50 photos have in common is that they show large and small aircraft, from single-engine propeller aircraft to Airbus A380s. But it is not about the optical result of a plan spotters, but about works by Dietmar Plath, Germany’s most famous aviation photographer.

Promenade with airplane photos

His photos always show more than just technology, but the aircraft in spectacular landscapes, often in connection with people, for whom aircraft are more than just a means of transport. “I want to show the planes where they are at home,” explains Plath during a tour.

The exhibition was already planned last year, when the corona pandemic was not yet an issue, which almost brought global air traffic to a standstill. “Many remote places in the world cannot be reached by land or water or can only be reached with a great deal of effort and risk. Without air traffic, they are hardly economically viable,” says Plath.

For more than 30 years, the North German has visited around 600 airports in 130 countries and always waited for the right moment on site. He often had to wait hours and days for the weather and the light to be right, whether on Easter Island, in the Antarctic or in the Himalayas . “But then the machine suddenly came from the other direction,” recalls Plath.

For his passion, he spent almost 10,000 hours in airplanes, fought against almost insurmountable bureaucratic obstacles and had luck again and again in four decades. This was also the case with a crash in the Brazilian jungle, which he only barely survived.

In his biography “Adventure Aviation Photography” he tells the stories of his famous photos. How it came to the snapshot with the iguana on the runway or why it suddenly rained cattle halves on the approach to landing on La Paz.

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