Bathing with flamingos: This is only possible on Flamingo Beach in Aruba

If there is one thing the small island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean is known for, it is the pictures of pink flamingos stalking across the white powdered sugar beach in the turquoise blue sea with palm trees in the background. We admit it: It was precisely these images that lured us to Aruba . We tourists. But let’s be honest: How can you please not jump on Flamingo Beach in Aruba? There are flamingos! At the beach! With touch. IN. OF THE. CARIBBEAN. Wah!

The other beaches on Aruba such as Baby Beach or the famous Eagle Beach are of course also incredibly beautiful, but flamingos on the beach – that’s a blast.

When a picture of the flamingos first appeared on my Instagram feed a few years ago, I immediately began to research with shining eyes where in the world this paradisiacal place was. Unfortunately, it quickly became clear: Shit, I can never afford that. The Caribbean , a private beach, a lonely island … that is impossible. And so I buried the dream of a flamingo beach somewhere far back in my head. Of course, I could never really forget him.

It took a couple of years and finally a degree, but in the summer of 2016 I actually fulfilled my dream! YOLO and so 😉 I naturally forced Christian to come along and also enjoy our adventure with the flamingos, so we scraped together our last pennies and flew in the tourist bomber to the pink birds in Aruba.

Rational people without hearts may argue that flamingos could have been had cheaper in the zoo. But would, would have bicycle chain – go away, you funny people! That’s not what this is about! There are flamingos, on the beach, in the Caribbean. Nuff said.

Sea view off Renaissance Island

Flamingo Beach Aruba: Private Renaissance Island

Who is still there: Aloha! 🙂 I’ll tell you where to find the flamingos in Aruba and how to get there. There is actually still a lot of uncertainty and many think that flamingos walk around every beach in Aruba . I have to disappoint you, it’s not that simple. The flamingos on Aruba can be found on exactly one beach , namely Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island .

What is this Renaissance Island now? Renaissance Island is a small private island off the coast of Aruba, which in addition to Flamingo Beach also has Iguana Beach. This private island belongs to the Renaissance Hotel Aruba * . The hotel makes the island available to its guests free of charge and takes you every 15 minutes by speedboat directly from the hotel to the dream beach on the private island. Yaaass!

Renaissance Island Flamingo Beach

Do you have to be a guest in the hotel to be able to go to the private island to Flamingo Beach?

No. You don’t have to be a guest of the hotel to be able to go to Renaissance Island and hang out on the beach with the flamingos. There are basically two options:

1. You are a guest of the Renaissance Hotel * , a room is available from just under € 200 / night , depending on the travel time . That’s not a snapper, we also know that. But the use of the Flamingo Beach and the transport with the water taxi are included in the price and the hotel itself is also great. We save ourselves a review at this point, because our photos have just become too crappy and we have absolutely nothing to complain about. The hotel can be booked without hesitation.

2. If you are not a guest of the hotel , you can visit the island for a fee of around $ 90 per person per day . Unfortunately, there is very little information about this day pass, not even on the hotel’s website . We don’t know why that is, probably because the hotel would rather have its rooms full.

We decided on option 1 and treated ourselves to two nights. The fact that it turned out to be two nights was mainly due to the lack of clarity as to when exactly you can use Flamingo Beach. When you are a guest, that’s clear … but when are you a guest? Once you’ve checked in? Or as soon as you have come to the hotel and have already deposited your suitcase and announced that you want to go to the flamingos, even if the check-in is not yet possible? You can see that we wanted to get the best out of our visit to Flamingo Beach 😉 And because according to the hotel, check-in should only be possible in the afternoon and we didn’t want to take the risk of only being able to spend 2-3 hours at Flamingo Beach, we booked two nights.

If you are also asking yourself this question, the answer is: You can take the water taxi to Flamingo Beach as soon as you have your room card . This is used as an admission card and is registered when boarding the speedboat. Fortunately, we were able to check in in the morning and thus had two full days at Flamingo Beach! For the foxes among you: On the day of the checkout, you can no longer transfer to the private island for free, because you hand in the card when you check out (unless you forget … ahem. We didn’t dare to mess around with it, otherwise it would be maybe embarrassing. Only we happily continued to use the hotel parking lot with the forgotten room card).

If you happen to have your own boat (who doesn’t have one), it is also possible to moor it unnoticed on the private island and enjoy Flamingo Beach for free .

Aruba’s highlight: off to the flamingos!

Now butter with the fish (and flamingos): How is it now on the private island with the pink birds? In a nutshell: Awwwwww !!

After you have crossed over by boat, a perfectly dressed up private island awaits you. You enter the island via wooden walkways, get free towels and make your way to the beach with the flamingos.

Renaissance Island Aruba

The island has a total of two beaches to offer, one is the slightly larger Iguana Beach, where children are allowed to mischief and the Flamingo Beach, which is only for adults. Incidentally, the iguanas adhere to the guidelines very little and hang around the whole island, at the Iguana Beach intended for them we did not discover a single one of these revolutionaries.

On the short path to Flamingo Beach you cross the mangroves and rivers of the island over small bridges. There I discovered my first boxfish and was thrilled to see this spherical, colorfully spotted fish … I didn’t even know where to look first! Iguanas, flamingos, funny fish… .uuuiiii! (sorry, I’m 5 years old again, I can’t do anything!)

After I watched all the fish extensively and slowly calmed down, the flamingos had to believe in it. Pictures, please! The flamingos are used to the tourists and strut around unimpressed between the loungers. At the moment 6 of them are stationed there (i.e. flamingos, not loungers, although some of them donate from time to time and the number fluctuates temporarily).

Flamingos on Reniassance Island


Feeding is highly appreciated, which is why there is also a machine at Flamingo Beach where you can pull food for a few cents. The flamingos are totally into it and more or less carefully fetch the food out of your hands (and out of your trouser pocket, if you have stashed something there) and you can take photos with them in peace. But woe betide you want to stroke her, then your hand will be hacked straight away!

Flamingo feeding

Flamingo Beach Aruba

The iguanas, by the way, are just as brutal, they also like to be fed and sometimes touched. But beware! You can bite hard and the tail is like a whip! I wasn’t careful when I was feeding and suddenly three iguanas pounded around my banana and got a bite in the process. The bite was not deep, but since iguanas are scavengers, something like this is not entirely harmless due to the risk of tetanus (and of course I was not vaccinated, would have been too easy).

Iguanas in Aruba

Since Renaissance Island is a mangrove island, snorkeling is also worthwhile here. There isn’t really much going on underwater, but in the small, shallow rivers of the island the fish cavort between the arms of the mangroves. The boxfish in particular like shallow, warm water very much and are not afraid of snorkelers. But don’t touch! Boxfish are related to puffer fish and release a poison when they are stressed (which probably only triggers a skin reaction in humans, but unfortunately the cute fish sometimes die themselves from their poison).

You can already see: There is a lot going on at Flamingo Beach in Aruba and we have jumped death several times. If you don’t want to live as dangerous as we do, you can just throw yourself in the hammock with a cocktail and watch others risk their lives or spend hours shooting the perfect Instagram selfie. Everything is possible at Flamingo Beach! 😉

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